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5 Reasons Workoo Technologies Is A Scam, workoo technologies, review, workoo technologies reviews

Wookoo technologies was registered just over a year ago, precisely on the 4th of April 2022. The purpose of writing this article is to prove that Wookoo technologies is not a legit work from home opportunities as it claimed; in this review, I will unveil to you a 301 redirection scheme to shady and survey websites that will amaze you.

This undiluted and unbiased review looks into everything you need to know, the owners, its safety, legitimacy and reasons why we conclude it is not a legit website.

What is Workoo Technologies?

Workoo technologies is an acclaimed online portal for work from home job opportunities, but with vague identity and operations.

Cloaked in secrecy even with many online identification tools I used to get facts is the true identity of the owner of Workoo Technologies, its location and base of operation are all masked. This in my opinion portends that the company has signs of a scam written all over it.

The nature of Workoo Technologies scammy and the type of scam it runs will be further unveiled in this investigative review, just read on!!, efogator blog, efogator business model, efogator fashion hub, efogator business ideas, efogator business tips, efogator media enterprise, business ideas for disabled, business ideas for undergraduates

It might interest you to know that many innocent people’s life have been ruined and rendered useless by so many fake work from job opportunities on the internet, especially when it comes to sending and receiving checks. This was further projected by the all round reach and presence of internet which made even the most remote locations to get such fake offers.

Yes, Workoo technologies seemingly work offer is an offer of applying for job opportunities and not focused on sending and receiving of checks but rather which our investigation revealed that such does not truly exist.

Our honest investigation of workoo technologies website, further revealed that instead of being sent to a webpage to where you can apply for jobs posted on the website, you are 301 redirected to an unscrupulous website that are meant for you to either conduct surveys or watch games etc; this approach follows just the same pattern as social oasis.

However, with social oasis, they came clean and let the users know in advance the kind of work they are to do, and they do not claim it is work but rather having some kind of fun on social interactions while making money alongside.

But in the case of Workoo Technologies, I doubt if you can make $5 a day, so, is this the kind of work from home job they claim to offer!!

With the entire web ecosystem infiltrated with so many works from home job opportunities, it is advisable that everyone should be very cautious and pay careful attention to factors that are considered scammy so you don’t fall victim.

5 Reasons Workoo Technologies is a Scam

The following 5 reasons according to our investigations are valid points why in our opinion, is not legit:

1. No Physical Contact Address

Every online job recruitment portal that is legitimate must and should have a location address on their website, workoo technologies is found wanting in this regard. The only thing you see on their contact page is email address.

This is not right in the sense that a company claiming to offer job opportunities to people globally should and must have an avenue for people to contact them in the event that some issues needs to be cleared. Workoo Technologies has no avenue or means to make an inquiry about a particular job posting.

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2. Redirect To External Site

In what is intentionally made a link click scheme, if you visit the, and you click on a job opportunity, when you click on ‘Apply’, you will be redirected automatically redirected to a third party website displaying surveys, games and all sorts of things that does not define your desire or a true job posting.

This act is known as ‘cloaking’, the illegal trick of sending web visitors to some unsolicited WebPages; this is actually what workoo technologies does thereby deviating from the norm expected of a legitimate work from home job offer.

3. Unprofessional Website Design

Check out the design of website, this is purely a $35 worth WordPress theme that every dick and harry could have bought from Themeforest, Mythemeshop or any other WordPress themes marketplace.

In essence, using a cheap template to build such a website is not professional enough; on navigating round the website, you will discover broken links in the menu, poorly written English language etc.

4. Same Job Posting Description

Just check all the job postings on They contain the same or nearly the same job descriptions and at the end of the day, if you click on ‘Apply to this job’, you will be redirected to the same portal.

Obviously Workoo Technologies is a scam; it is just a gateway to sites for survey, game, fun etc.

5. Links to Malicious Sites

The last but not the least reasons we believe that Workoo Technologies is not legit is linking to malicious websites which happens whenever you click on their apply for this job button, you are automatically redirected to this strange sites, it may interest you to know that this sites contains cookies that automatically stores and download on your phone or laptop details and they can steal your identity and other important things on the device you are using to access them.

In Conclusion

This review is the result of an investigation carried out on, owners of Workoo Technologies between August 15th to 20th 2023. As at this period, Workoo Technologies is not exactly what you expect of them as a work from home job portal, it is pretty quite the opposite. If you value your time, privacy, money, online safety and security, then be extremely careful with this website.

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