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Business Ideas For Students That Require No Investment

If you are a student and you are looking for part-time jobs or home business that is suitable for students which you can work on during your free time for the purpose of generating some income for yourself, then you are in the right place right now. Just continue to read this article patiently and carefully. In this post, Efogator business model have listed 20 part time business ideas for students that require low or no investment.

There are a few factors that you need to consider first, though. First off, you need to see to it that you can still study well and your work will not affect your studies. As you know, there are some students that neglect their studies once they have already started earning money upon working online. Are you a student that wants to make some money?

Always keep in mind that education is the key for you to become more successful in life and help you find high salary jobs. As you pursue your studies, you also learn new things that you may apply to your job. So, make sure that the job that you will be getting will not affect your studies.

There are lots of easy jobs that you can find. For example, selling products online or promoting products. These jobs also do not really require a student to be very intelligent or skillful. They also do not eat a lot of time as they can be done only within hours. All you need to do is to keep track of the products that you are promoting or selling.

Students need money too, and in this economic crisis it’s hard for the average blue collar worker to make a decent buck, especially when balancing a work and school schedule. What is the best work at home business for students? Here are a few options. Read also how to choose a business that is right for you.

There are numerous online jobs for college students nowadays. Students can not only make money from online jobs but they can also increase their knowledge level. Many people have ways of making good money through online jobs. Students can make thousands of dollars on a weekly or monthly basis. Of course it is not easy but if you discover the secrets of how to be successful, you will be surprise on how much money you are going to make.

Below are 20 Profitable Business Ideas for Students:

1. Business Ideas for Students: Blogging

The first on our list of business ideas for students is blogging. Most students have passion in a particular thing, be it sports, politics, arts among others. Blogging is the best and most profitable way that college students can use to express their endless thought. As a student, when you set your personal blog, that is good and informative, many people including writers will approach you to sign for an ad service like Google AdSense so as to post familiar sponsored link on your website. You will make more money when more people visit your website and click on the ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of the easiest and the best way that college students can use to make money online. Affiliate marketing means advertising services, properties or products of people or companies. When a person buys what you are promoting or advertising through online, you get to earn a commission.

3. Business Ideas for Students: Home Tutoring

Nowadays, there is an increased pressure for elementary, middle and high school student to perform well in school. There are so many students who need a tutor to help and guide them understand those subjects that they are weak on. More families have hi-speed internet in their home that is reliable and this has made tutoring services to grow tremendously. When you are applying for the job, you will be required to take a test on the subject that you have specialized on and if you pass, you start working immediately.

4. Article Writing

Another profitable small business idea for students is article writing. There are many sites that offer these jobs and the registration process is simple. Examples of these sites include iwriter.com, elance.com, freelancewriting.com and writerlance.com. You only need to have excellent grammar and writing skills. You can easily get information of the articles’ topic online.

5. Data Entry Service

This job entails working as a typist. You only require a PC with an internet connection and then you can work at the comfort of your home. There are also many websites offering these types of jobs online and registration is free.

5. Envelope Stuffing

Though a legitimate business it can be very costly and may take time before seeing a profit. While this may not be the most lucrative choice, it is one of the best works at home businesses for students due to its flexibility. You can stuff envelopes at 2:00 AM if you like.

6. Multi Level Marketing

This is a great way to make money if you are willing to dedicate the time and effort. The companies can be reasonable in cost to join, however you must build a large down line to make a significant income because the commissions are fairly small.

7. Online Stores

Having an online store can be rewarding because you can be open for business 24/7. This can be a great opportunity to make money if set up correctly. However, initial investments can be costly and if you aren’t using drop shippers, inventory and shipping can be a hassle.

8. Business Ideas for Students: Home Goods

This consists of companies like such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and many more. These are great companies and are very popular, but often times you are not just working at home. You will be doing shows and presentations at hotels and other people’s homes. This can be very wearing on you and time consuming. The costs of this joining these types of businesses are fairly reasonable.

9. Internet Marketing

This in my opinion is the best work at home business for students because you can make money with a company as well as learn everything you need to know about marketing any business. The knowledge is universal! Once you become an experienced marketer you can also offer your services for a fee to other internet companies as well as bricks and mortar businesses.

10. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is another very easy business idea for students. This may seem unlikely, doesn’t it? If you think back to high school or middle school, this was usually done face to face. In many places, it still is. However, a growing number of individuals are finding that online tutoring is very helpful considering students can send in homework or term papers and have a tutor help them with their work.

Plus, there are always phone call services such as Skype. This trend is especially good for tutors who have an area of specialty such as medicine, law, math, and the sciences, but even English majors can surely help with term paper writing. Not only that, parents is searching for online tutors to help their children-either as a supplement for their public education or help with homeschooling.

11. eBook Writing

Whether you’re a non-fiction or creative writing major, you can make money writing EBooks online. Many people purchase EBooks every year online, so there is need for EBook writers because many marketers are not top-notch writers. You can even start a business writing EBooks in a target market related to your major.

A lot of people will pay nicely for the services of a ghost writer, and your employer will do all the marketing for the book. Once you’re hired, your employer will explain what they want and you simply write it. Not a bad way to make cash. Although, make sure you have several writing samples for non-fiction or a fiction chapter ready in your portfolio in order to get hired.

11. eBook Researching

So, you don’t want to be an EBook writer and that’s okay. There are plenty of online marketers or writers who need individuals who can pull all the research necessary for writing an EBook. From finding the most updated web resources to looking through books in the library for quotes and facts, you can use those research skills you’ve perfected in college to use towards a part-time job.

In addition, this is a great way to add references and job experience to your resume before you look for employment after college. Most online marketers and writers will pay up to several hundred dollars on research for an EBook so this is a great job for the savvy student who can research and collect data quickly. Not a bad part-time job.

If you can read, write, research, and you have an Internet connection, you can definitely work one of these part-time online jobs for students. Finding a job in college can be tough when you have classes during weird hours of the day.

It’s important to have a flexible schedule so you can work a job that will pay more than $2 an hour. That’s why these jobs are simple perfect. They have great hours, flexibility, and you don’t need any specialized training that you haven’t already received through your university classes. Consider getting started today.

12. Freelance Writing

Freelance is a very lucrative business idea for students that requires little or no investments. Probably one of the most popular options is becoming a freelance writer. With so many online business owners needing fresh, original content and not wanting to write it themselves, this can be a lucrative position to take that offers never-ending work.

There are freelance websites that offer these positions that you can apply for and simply by finding one or two website owners who need your services, the work they provide and the connections for future work they can give you can make this job a very attractive one indeed. The best part is that the hours are very flexible and you can genuinely work when you are able to; this is ideal for college students who must make school a priority but still need to make some money to live.

13. Social Media Manager

Social media managing is one of the very profitable part time business ideas for students who want to get busy and make some good money. Over 90% of students spend a lot of time on social media every day – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and the list goes on. If you are used to getting a lot of likes or comments, or if you’re great at motivating others through your posts, you might want to consider turning this into a profession.

The work of a social media manager is to build communities for companies on social media, engage these communities in conversations (for example, getting a lot of comments), and encourage them to take some sort of an action (like reading a blog post, signing up to an email list, or buying a product). Social media managers also play a vital role in building brand awareness for a company.

14. Virtual Assistant

Are you very handy with administrative roles? Then you might consider taking on such a role as a virtual assistant. The hours are more flexible than a traditional assistant job, but they are also more consistent than a freelance writer’s position might be.

You will be employed and have to work set hours, but you can do so from home which can still give you more freedom to take care of your studies. There are many online websites that offer these positions that you can apply for and once you have found your employer you can relax and work a job that does not conflict with your college work.

15. Selling Used Books

One very simple to start business ideas for students is selling used books. You finished your academic year, congratulations! Now check your desk… you have a pile of used books, right? In many cases, they end up in your house’s trash bins. However, there’s something better to do with them: sell them to younger students at a cheaper price than what a new copy is.

You’ll probably, at least, make enough money to purchase the books needed for your next semester. The best of this idea is that it doesn’t require any investment or much time.

16. Website Flipping

This is the act of buying websites that are exiting for a low price, grow them in 6 months to 2 years, and sell them at a much higher price for a profit. There are people who work full time on this and make millions per year with their sites. Don’t miss reading importance of Hiring Freelance Business Strategist

The key here is to buy a high-quality website at a low price. There’s a ton of information on what you should consider and check when doing it. At the same time, there are all kinds of free digital marketing courses that you will find useful if growing one of these websites.

17. Writing Services

Start a website that offers all kinds of writing services to students or businesses. It could be anything from sales & marketing copy, SEO content, essay writing, academic papers, or even simple proofreading.

There are already many trustworthy services online and before starting out your own writing service it is a good idea to work as a professional essay writer for a top website. After you have gained some valuable experience doing this, you can move on to creating your own essay writing service. You could charge per hour or project.

18. Babysitting

Baby sitting has been a very old home business, and it is one of the best part-time business ideas for students. There will always be demand for babysitters and nannies. With both parents working and maternity and paternity leave shrinking in length, the market for this is only widening. If you have a knack with babies and have a pleasing personality, you are already good to go.

19. Become a YouTuber

Whether it’s from YouTube ads or the opportunities for sponsored content that come with having a successful channel, there’s some serious money to be made here.

And you don’t have to reach the levels of PewDiePie or Zoella to earn money from YouTube videos. Just pick a topic that interests you (games, comedy and music tend to be popular) and put together simple guides or reviews. As long as you’re offering something different, there’s no reason for you not to do well.

20. Create Local Area Guide

You will agree with me that there hundreds if not thousands of persons who troop into your area daily, most of these people does not understand the topography. You can take advantage of this fact and use your knowledge of the area to create a resource such as a blog, a magazine or an app that helps first timers make the most of their new town.

Things to include in your guide are: the best cafés, best and affordable hotels, best restaurants, cheapest deals and some hidden gems. You can either sell these guides, or give it away for free and ask businesses to pay a small fee to be included.

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