Your marriage need not experience ‘the five-year itch’

Your marriage need not experience ‘the five-year itch’

The seven-year itch used to be the time when you should start noticing the rut in your marriage and try to revamp it.

The period has now been reduced to five years. According to one multi-universal study, unhappily married couples who stick it out and work through their problems are reportedly happier five years after a rough patch than couples who threw in the towel. Here are professional tips to help you stay the course.

Embrace change:   Over time you and your spouse will each evolve.

Accepting that change is inevitable, makes it easier to be flexible and help you to focus on big picture bonding points like building a strong family.

Expect that there will be hard times: Many couples think: “If we were right for each other, it wouldn’t be this difficult”. But that isn’t accurate. Love temporarily cools. Marriage is like the stock market. Tough and normal, and it is usually best to ride them out.

Fight right: It’s not what you argue about but how you argue it. Avoid name-calling (it is disrespectful); put compromises ahead of the need to be right (harmony outranks “winning”); be quick to forgive – and quicker to say: “I apologise”.

Remind yourself why you married him: Remember how your pulse raced the first time he kissed you? Calling up positive memories like that during less than blissful moments can be an effective attitude adjuster.

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