You Won’t Believe That This Chinese Herb Can Cure Cancer Better Than Any Other Medicine. But It’s True


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Guess what is deadlier than cancer? It is the treatment the patients undergo to get rid of it. The side effects are devastating. They suck out the patients’ spirit and energy. They drag patients into the holes of hell, and sometimes, the victims never come out.


Isn’t there a solution to this? Can cancer be treated only in such a dreadful manner? Isn’t there a better way of curing the disease?
Maybe there is. And that is what we are going to talk about today.

The Research

The statistics from Canada are shocking. According to the Canadian Cancer Statistics, above a million Canadians who were alive in 2009 underwent cancer diagnosis in the last ten years. The statistics have also revealed that two out of every five Canadians will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. And one out of every four of them will die.

The worst part of all is that these rates are only skyrocketing, and don’t seem to come down any soon.

Present Cancer Treatment

Though the medical technology has been on a meteoric rise in the past decade (and continues to do so), the cure for cancer wasn’t found anywhere else other than in the two well known methods – radiation and chemotherapy. These two are the only available (but deadly) ways of treating a cancer patient.

Chemotherapy and radiation kill the healthy cells along with the cancer cells. Scientists have found out that these two dangerous ways of treatment encourage the growth of cancer and can kill the patient faster.

Despite knowing the two therapies are toxic to the body, we are able to do nothing about it.

The Chinese Herb

As an answer from nature to this paralyzing issue, a rare Chinese herb with incredible healing properties came into the light. According to the studies which were published in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters and Anticancer Drugs, artemisinin is the miracle herb which is known to kill a whopping 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. Artemisinin is a derivative of the wormwood plant which is popularly used in Chinese medicine.

A Brief History Of Artemisinin

This wormwood extract had been in use in China several centuries ago. It was extensively used for its healing properties. But the treatment vanished over time. But because of an ancient manuscript that contains medical remedies, it has come back to the fore.

The finding that artemisinin can kill just one healthy cell for every 12,000 cancer cells supports the possibility of treating and eliminating cancer with minimal or negligible side effects.

How Artemisinin Works In Treating Cancer (A Basic Idea)

Artemisinin is basically a chemical compound that reacts with iron and forms free radicals. These free radicals kill the cancer cells. In order to multiply and spread, cancer cells require a large amount of iron. These cancer cells are more vulnerable to the cytotoxic effect created by artemisinin than the normal healthy cells.

Further Developments

Researchers from the University of Washington have updated artemisinin in order to create a compound that is over 1,200 times more specific in killing cancer cells. The good news is that this miracle herb has the potential to function more effectively than the current available drugs.

A chemical homing device was attached to artemisinin enabling it to target the drug selectively to cancer cells. The researchers tested the artemisinin-based drug on human leukaemia cells. The drug was found to be very selective in destroying the cancer cells.

The Big Limitation Of Chemotherapy

The fact that cancer cells develop from the normal healthy cells makes the entire process of treatment a walk through hell. So in order to kill cancer cells, there is no other choice but to introduce chemotherapy which kills the healthy cells as well. Chemotherapies are highly toxic as they destroy one human cell for every five to ten cancer cells. And hence, the side effects are debilitating.

However deadly the disease has been, mankind has found a way and fought through it. And it emerged victorious always. Let’s believe the same will happen in our fight against cancer.

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