Women with massive butts photo collection

Hello guys, I want to talk about women with massive butts; and also share some mouth watering photos of women with massive backside. It is proven that the size of a woman’s backside is largely determined by genetics which dictate where she stores fat in her body.

Science has revealed so many reasons why you should love bigger backside, according to Pamela M. Peeke, M.D., a physician and spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine. (And if you’re on Team Tiny Tush? You can always strengthen your glutes to reap some of the benefits.)
woman with the world's biggest butt

One very good thing about having a massive backside is that you are more intuitive than other women with smaller backside. Studies suggest that women, who are generally more empathetic than men, become especially attuned to people’s feelings around the same time they develop curves at puberty.

woman with the world's biggest butt

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Evolutionary theorists think there could be some connection between emotional intelligence and butt size. Because shapely women who have the largest backside and smallest waists appeal to so many men, they needed to develop superior social skills to assess and select potential mates.

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Bigger backsides makes you can climb steps like a boss, scaling a staircase requires an orchestrated effort involving most muscles below the waist — including the gluteus maximus, which is the biggest one. That makes climbing steps a total bitch for anyone with a flat, weak backside (unless they have super strong legs).

When you are fitted with bigger butt, hunger does not seriously faze you. Yes, big-bottomed women can reserve the right to be hungry. But if you’re too sick to eat, too busy at work to break for lunch, or even stuck on a desert island; the extra fat stored in a big butt can serve as fuel. It’s like a backup meal that can help you survive emergencies.

woman with the world's biggest butt

woman with the world's biggest butt

More woman with the world’s biggest butt @: Photo collection of beautiful and curvy African women

You will agree with me that having a bigger back makes you biologically more attractive than others. Some evolutionary psychologists believe that men prefer women with fuller backside because it enhances the appearance of the curvature of the spine, according to a recent study published in Evolution and Human Behavior.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this is a Very Desirable Trait: A curved spine can alleviate spinal pressure and related injury during pregnancy, which supports mobility to forage food for you until the baby arrives. Credit: Cosmopolitan.com

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