Woman Gets Stuck In Folding Chair While Filming Fetish Content And Needs Jaws Of Life To Get Her Out

A Michigan woman who makes sexual fetish videos online got stuck in a folding chair and needed the jaws of life to set her free. Sydney Jo was filming “stuck fetish” content on June 8 when things went very wrong and she was forced to call the Ann Arbor Fire Department to free her. It was no longer just a video – she really was stuck in the chair.

This is the first time anything like this has happened. As Sydney Jo told Buzzfeed News, she specializes in “stuck fetish” videos and has had plenty of practice fitting herself into small spaces but this is the first time things went so badly. “I’ve done dozens of videos, and I’ve had times before where I’ve panicked and thought that I couldn’t get out of something, but I’ve always pushed myself through it, no matter how bad it hurts,” she explained. “I’ve had to unscrew things before but I’ve never actually been entirely stuck like that, it was honestly really scary.”

She was about 30 minutes into filming when she got stuck. Before getting started, Sydney felt confident she’d be able to squeeze herself out of the chair. Sadly, once she tried it, she realized how wrong she was. “I generally pick areas that I’m pretty sure I can get out of, and I saw the chair and I was like, Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get out of that, it’s going to be a tight squeeze, but I’m positive I can get out,” she recalled. “That’s when I stopped recording, and kind of panicked, and went on TikTok live.”

Fans pay $1.99 per minute to see “stuck fetish” content. Because of the amount of money she can make, she tries to give audiences a real show. None of the stunts are faked, but they don’t usually go this wrong. “Typically they want to see you get stuck in something and actually struggle to get out, like not fake it at all. They want to see you get unstuck at the end though — they don’t want to see you permanently stuck,” Sydney explained.

Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to get her out. While they initially tried bolt cutters, there was no freeing Sydney that way and they had to resort to more serious measures. “I was freaking out when it was behind my back, and I was, like, listening to it because I could like feel the metal like vibrating like on my bones and stuff and I was just praying to God that I wasn’t gonna get like severed,” she recalled. Thankfully, she was able to be freed unscathed.

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