Woman Catches Landlord Sneaking Into Her Room To Sniff Her Sheets

A woman on TikTok revealed the horrifying footage she took which showed her landlord sneaking into her bedroom and sniffing her sheets when she wasn’t there. Teacher Tyisha Macleod watched it all go down from the security cameras she has installed, of which the landlord seemed completely unaware. How scary!

The 24-year-old shared some of the footage on TikTok. The landlord is obviously oblivious to the fact that he’s on camera and brazenly walks into the woman’s room to sniff her sheets. This is such a massive violation of privacy not to mention a serious red flag of something much worse possibly happening.

The clip is incredibly creepy. The video she shared shows the landlord creeping over to the bed and picking up a pillow before burying his face into the pillowcase and breathing it in before returning it. He then lives the bedsheet and lays it back down just as Macleod’s friend walked into the apartment.

The landlord claimed he was there to feed the cat. A second clip showed the landlord speaking to Macleod’s friend, who called the landlord out since no one gave him permission to enter the apartment, let alone the bedroom.

Yes, she contacted the police. She plans to press charges as he “went into her place multiple times while she was away.” On top of that, she added that she planned to move and get out of her lease immediately.

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