Why on earth should I eat palm tree worms?

palm tree worms

Is it safe to eat worm? Is it healthy? Is it nutritious? What can I benefit from eating worm? These few questions and much more could be going on in your mind at the sight of this article.

To answer these few questions ~ It is a big fat YES from me! Yes, you can eat some types of worms but not all worms, it is safe to eat certain worms but not all worms, certain worms are healthy, certain worms are nutritious and there are several things you can benefit from eating worms.

Well, one of such beneficial worms is the sago worm, which is equally known as coconut worm, palm tree worm, palm grubs, palmetto grub, palm tree weevil, edible maggot, Asian palm weevil, grugru, grew-grew or sago palm weevil.

Sago worm is the larva of the red palm beetle and since this is the case, another concern is if it is safe to eat insects? Yes, it is! Studies reveal that insects are highly valuable and essential source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, protein, fat etc.

Researchers and nutritionists also attest that certain edible insects have nutritional components that are comparable with that of fish and meat.

Here are the nutritional value of eating palm tree worms

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