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What to Do Whenever The Phone That Is Linked With Your Bank Account Is Stolen


The majority of our phones are linked with our bank account and it is very important to keep them safe, These phones can help us buy recharge cards, pay for internet bills, and mobile banking.

It is very advisable to always keep your mobile phones out of the reach of strangers. Some fraudsters can get access to your bank account if you keep your linked phone carelessly.

Therefore, in this post, I would teach you what to do immediately your phone is stolen by thieves.

Whenever your phone is lost, kindly dial these numbers on another person’s phone to block your Bank account.

1. Access: *901*911#

2. Zenith: *966*911#

3. GTB: *737*51*74#

4. WEMA: *945*911#

5. FirstBank: *894*911#

6. Keystone: *7111*911#

7. UBA: *919*911#

8. FCMB: *329*911#

9. Sterling Bank: *822*911#

10. Unity Bank: *7799*911#

11. Fidelity Bank: *770*911#

12. Heritage Bank: *745*7#

Any of these bank codes would instantly block your bank account and would hinder anybody from tampering with the funds inside your account. Please don’t hesitate to dial the above number whenever your phone got stolen. “Heaven helps those who help themselves”

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