Watching Zubby Michael’s Movies Taught Me How To Kidnap

Efogator Media Team can report authoritatively that one Ayobamidele Ayodele a kidnap suspect has been arrested in Ogun State, south west Nigeria, he confessed that he learnt the act of kidnapping from Zubby Michael’s movies.

Ayodele was arrested for abducting a six-year-old boy, Ebube Eze, after the victim’s father sent a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba.

The 23-year-old was nabbed by the Force Intelligence Response Team headed by Tunji Disu.

According to Vanguard, the victim was kidnapped from Remson Group of Schools, located in Ojo Alaba area of Lagos, and was kept hostage for four days until a ransom of N550,000 was paid for his release.

During interrogation, the suspect confessed that he learnt kidnapping skills from watching Nollywood movies.

He said “Zubby Michael is my favorite Nollywood actor and he is good at kidnapping roles.

“I decided to try out some of the methods used by Zubby to kidnap children and adults in the movies.

“I started by visiting several schools around Ojo to see the possibility of picking children without anyone noticing.”

The suspect revealed that he used the tactics he learnt to kidnap the child in November 16, 2021.

Apologising for his crimes, he said, “I am sorry for causing his family so much pain. I am not a cultist or an armed robber. I do not have a gang.

Ayodele said, “I just trained myself by watching Zubby Michael. My parents trained me very well, I was just impatient and greedy.”

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A Kind Advice:

This is really laughable but seriously, I’m most mindful with what I watch and more especially my younger sisters. Devil easily attacks our mindset with the information been relayed to us that’s why you see people contemplate whether or not to do certain things they see or hear. One thing is to hear and another thing is for devil to attack that which you heard. Be sober and vigilante,the devil your adversary walketh about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, disgrace,manipulate and humiliate.

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