UK weather news LIVE: Hottest September EVER forecast after record ‘polar plunge’ Bank Holiday washout

THE UK is set to swelter in the hottest September ever forecast for the coming month.

The warmer weather will come after the nation is chilled by a polar plunge in its last weekend of the summer.

A sudden cold spell will descend because of a 500 mile-wide freak “polar plunge” making it the coldest Bank Holiday in nearly 50 years.

Beaches will be empty, with 10-18C daytime UK highs – 5C below average – from Saturday to Monday amid the cold polar air mass, shown on weather maps.

Summer frost is due in Scotland and threatening northern England with-1C lows expected.

And today, one of the busiest leisure travel days of the year, the Met Office has forecast thunderstorms in the South, with strong winds and rain in the North.


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