Transformer Electrocutes 4-year-old Girl Sent To Buy Sweets By Her Grandmother

It was a tragedy for the family of Zakwe in Thembelilhe, Eastwood, South Africa, when their 4-year-old daughter was electrocuted by an electric transformer on Tuesday afternoon.

PARADISE NEWS learnt that the 4-year-old girl identified as Amukelwa Mohammed was sent to but sweets with her cousins when she was electrocuted by one of Msunduzi’s transformer at Thembelilhe informal settlement near Eastwood.

Her mother, Luyanda Zakwe rushed her to nearby Northdale Hospital after her three cousins reported the incident to her but the child did not survive as she was confirmed dead-on-arrival.

“She was on her way from the local tuckshop where she went to buy sweets with her cousins when she started shaking and collapsed next to the transformer.

“The transformer is amongst the several Msunduzi’s transformers that is found situated on the ground, either next to the road or even in people”s garden around Thembelilhe. They do not have fences surrounding them”, a source said.

The deceased grandmother, Nontokozo Zakwe, who confirmed the sad story, said the children where on their way back home and Amukelwa was walking behind her cousins when shook and collapsed next to the electricity transformer.



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