This is my father’s secret of success as a governor

Shamsudden Bala Mohammed, the first son a Nigerian governor has exposed his father’s top secrets.

Shamsudeen, the son of Bauchi State Governor, Abdulkadir Bala Mohammed, said his father hardly sleeps in the night he usually read Qu’ran

The 35 year-old businessman who recently bagged traditional title the new Dangaladiman Duguri in an exclusive interview revealed that his father has a lot of consultants, professors, and doctors just a think tank who came up with the policy document of how to actually economically and socially drive the development of Bauchi State entirely.

He however said Governor Bala Mohammed is using many consultants in his bid to transform Bauchi State into another Dubai.

His words: ”The whole idea is that even if he had lost the election, he will pass down that document to somebody else to actually implement and the head of that think tank is Dr. Bugaje, I think Nigerians know his pedigree and intellectualism and the likes of Dr. Sadiq Gombe to name just a few. That policy document will see Bauchi become the economic hub of the region and become in some sort like Kano.”

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According to him, What I know is that he hardly sleeps particularly when he is serving people. He is always reading his Qur’an or doing Zikir (supplications). He barely sleeps at night since I grew up and started comprehending what is going on in life.

”I never see him sleeping. In a month, he recites and finished the Qur’an from page one to the last page at least three to four times. He has been doing this since when I knew him. Doing zikir and offering a lot of sadaqa.

And maybe people don’t know this about him. This is his quality. I think these are some of the qualities that elevated him to where he is because he has a special covenant with his maker right from the onset.”

Shamsudeen Bala Mohammed is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Green Bricks and Tech.

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