The Secret To Starting A Business With No Experience From Brandon E. Beal

When his professional football career ended in injury and later a two-year stint in Arena Football, Brandon E. Beal knew he would have to change career paths to support his wife and provide an example to his four brothers (including NBA Superstar Guard Bradley Beal). Since becoming the CEO of Beal Financial Group, he has worked with partner organizations to train and hire financial service agents. The growth of his company has allowed Brandon to make over $120,000 in a single month, one of his greatest successes.

Brandon took some time to look back on the start of a career that has become his passion in a personal interview. He remembers that “One of the challenges I faced was having absolutely zero experience. Coming from the sports world, that is all I knew! Coming from fitness, that too was all I knew. This was an entirely different skill set I had to learn. But I was 100% up for the challenge. Another obstacle was being a 1099. Not knowing when your next payday is, was definitely difficult to accept, especially being newly engaged at the time.  But I quickly found out that if I just plugged into the system, worked my tail off, and literally mirrored what my leaders had done, I could make consistent money week after week.”

It is evident from Brandon’s life and success that beginning a new career, even after having a previous one, is possible. However, he took a step that many are too afraid to take; he embraced the risk. He advises other entrepreneurs that “you have to understand that things will not go your way all the time. Learn from your failures and move on.” Brandon E. Beal earned something more valuable than wealth from his pursuits; he gained experience. Wisdom and knowledge that he can leverage to build on the past instead of repeating it. In an increasingly competitive global market, this is a crucial understanding for anyone looking to begin in any industry.

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