The Fast Food Burger You Eat Has Only 2 Percent Meat. And You Can’t Imagine What The Rest Is



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When was the last time you ate a burger? Loved it? Now what if I say the burgers you devoured contain just as little as 2 percent actual meet?
I love burgers. It is my occasional ritual to take a bite of one whenever I go out. But after coming to know of the following findings, I began to feel sick to my stomach.


All along we have been thinking we are consuming meat, but in actuality have been eating something else. Wondering what that ‘something else’ is?

Check for yourself.

The Study

In one study, researchers evaluated hamburgers from eight different brands for water content and other recognizable tissue types. According to the findings, the following are what you might possible find in a fast food burger:

  • Meat content (ranged from 2 to 15 percent; an average of 12 percent)
  • Water content (ranged from 38 to 62 percent; an average of 47 percent)
  • Connective tissues
  • Blood vessels
  • Persevered skeletal muscle (revealed by electron microscopy)
  • Adipose tissue
  • Peripheral nerves
  • Plant material
  • Bone
  • Cartilage

And you and I thought we are munching on pure meat.


Something Even More Shocking

Wondering what could be more shocking than what you have just read? Hold your breath and read.

Researchers from the Laurel School in Ohio didn’t find much meat in the burgers either. But they found something else. At-least two of the tested burgers contained sarcocystis parasites. These parasites are known to cause some deadly diseases in animals.

But according to scientists, even though these sarcocystis parasites has caused infections killing pigs and mice in the laboratory, don’t pose any major harm to humans. Now that isn’t something very comforting, is it?


Is That All? Or Anything Else That Burgers Contain?

That is not all. What you have read is just the tip of the iceberg. The following are a few of the ‘should-be-avoided’ things you will ever find in your burger.

– Ammonia

A mechanically separated meat product known as ‘pink slime’ (treated with ammonia to kill bacteria) is used as an inexpensive ground beef filler.

– Hundreds Of Cows

Believe it or not, a single hamburger which you eat might contain beef that comes from hundreds of different cows. This happens as ground meat from various chains is combined into a single batch of minced meat. And what happens as a result of this? Increased contamination and ill health.

– Sodium

If you get a burger from a local fast food joint, it contains around 500 milligrams of sodium. In case you get the same from a dine-in restaurant of a popular food chain, it contains about 3000 to 4000 milligrams of sodium. And guess what the FDA’s recommended daily allowance of sodium is? 1,500 milligrams a day. Now this is not something to be taken casually.


All right. So Should I Say Goodbye To Burger?

Not at all. Just because some fast food chain is adding toxic stuff to your burger, it doesn’t mean you have to refrain from having burgers altogether. You can prepare your homemade burger instead. You can keep in mind these following pointers:

  • Go organic. Avoid artificial additives and instead go for organic meat products.
  • Turkey is better than beef. Vegetarian burgers are the best bet, but if you want to have meat, then you can go for lean turkey. Beef is not advisable because they contain saturated fats.
  • Smart seasoning can enhance the taste. Get calorie-free servings. Go for hot sauce, chilli powder, paprika or garlic powder.

Now that you have understood what exactly your burger contains, you are not going to step inside another fast food restaurant, are you?

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