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Social media manager remote jobs: 11 Basic skills required

Social media manager remote jobs are becoming increasingly popular in today‘s digital economy. They involve managing a company‘s or organization‘s social media accounts, monitoring and engaging with followers, creating content, and analyzing analytics. This type of job is ideal for those who have a passion for social media and want to work from home. The job also requires excellent communication, organizational, and problemsolving skills. With the right skills, experience, and attitude, social media managers can find success in a remote job.Now that you want to begin promoting your business on the internet,herein are the  essential skills required for marketing and social media manager remote jobs.

It is important for us to know that managing multiple accounts and at the same time social media channels is like juggling… but juggling with different size objects… and juggling blindfolded! This is a jump that requires thinking on your feet and working quickly!

Here are basic skills required for social media manager remote jobs:

Hiring the right agency or person to support you is an important first step in getting your brand and your message out there. But you want to be sure you’ve got the right skill set in place to support your needs. What do you need to consider when outsourcing your social media?

1. Native speaker with flawless grammar

You can’t afford to have your social media contents filled with any form of typographic or grammatical errors. You want your fans and followers to be consuming your content, not distracted by the errors you’ve made. Sure, we’ll all human ­ and we make plenty of mistakes every day, but try to minimize them by spending the extra money to get a native English (or whatever language you operate in) speaker ­ it’s worth it.

2. Master of multiple platforms

A social media manager who only knows Facebook will not be of much use for most businesses. Unless you’re absolutely certain you’re only going to use one platform, hire a person who has the required skills and will have no issues working on all the other platforms/networks out there. You don’t need to be on all 800+ major social networks, but be certain to cover some of the most populated and active platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook.

3. A prolific writer

Social media managers must posses strong writing skills in order to develop content, to quickly and accurately respond to social media inquires, and to articulate negative feedback with tact and professionalism. The writing “musts” include: creative and powerful copywriting or headline style skills (remember we only have 140 characters on Twitter); conversational writing skills – aka human language skills – for writing contents; and a basic understanding of journalistic style.

4. Knowledge of your industry

It might not always be possible, but having someone working on your behalf who actually understands your industry, the needs and concerns of your target audience, and the topics they’d respond to, will make the whole process a lot smoother. They’ll be able to connect better with your followers, and they’ll be able to answer basic questions themselves without constantly bothering you with them.

5. Extensive and ongoing knowledge of a business and their brand.

SMM’s will serve as the clients’ primary agency and will represent them in the most visible front. In order to represent a business, a SMM must understand the challenges, goals, and voice of that business. It is very crucial to stay abreast of timely and relevant information about a business and the industry the business represents (as well as industry leaders and business competitors.)

You must identify the clients’ target audience and the motivated levels of the audience. What makes them tick? The combination of these skills and a relational understanding of SEO are pillars for a successful social media campaign.

6. Social skills

It may go without saying, but social media is about, well, being “social.” And having someone in place who knows how to generate social engagement and interaction is key to your success.

This is surely not something everyone is capable of doing, but it’s absolutely crucial in order to keep up the reputation of your brand.

7. Willingness to keep learning

Social media is always evolving, sometimes at a speed that’s difficult to keep up with. That is a very vital part of the job for a social media manager. If they are not willing to stay updated with the latest trends, they are going to be very outdated in the long term. Ideally they are passionate enough about social media to consider it an interest, meaning they’ll spend time outside work hours updating themselves with the latest news.

8. Complementary skills

Social media content isn’t just about text. It’s visual, the ability to find an curate great content, and integrate other media into telling your story as well. Finding a person or agency with these capabilities will really help you stand out from the crowd.

Having the skills is one thing, but finding a solution with the right structure in place to help you thrive is even more vital. Is your social media outsourcer tracking their success? Are they successfully converting your followers into customers? Do they have a system in place for you to grow your reach?

9. Highly organized self-starter

SMM’s must be able to get jobs done quickly and accurately, while still being “on call” for abrupt changes. This role requires managing and organizing yourself and your time and as well as the businesses you represent. It’s a necessity to have a process or system for responding to inquires, managing multiple accounts and commentary, monitoring engagement, and communicating ROI to clients. SMM’s must get up early and stay up late!

10. Knowledge of social media and its constant changes

Firstly, a SMM must be able to understand and differentiate the types of media in order to formulate a strategy for marketing a business. It’s critical to stay aware of what’s new, what’s coming, and what might benefit a business. The understanding of each medium and the role they plays in a building influence and brand awareness is fundamental.

11. People skills

This is one of the core qualification as a SMM is in the business of building relationships! The work well with others list includes: the audience (fans, followers, connections, etc), vendors or third-party contributors, other marketers (including those involved in traditional marketing efforts), members of a marketing team, and those who hired you to represent their business (business owner(s) and any staff involved).

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