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Self care ideas and tips celebrities use for making a perfect morning

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to be going right with you? You just messed up your breakfast, you are late to work, and you also discovered your mobile phone has challenge, and then on getting to office, your computer begins to malfunction. I want to share with you today; proven self care ideas and tips celebrities use for making a perfect morning.

Some folks dismiss thee as merely waking up on the wrong foot, but honestly speaking, nothing happens out of chance. I want to share with you today; proven self care Ideas and tips celebrities have been using for making perfect morning and day for themselves, certainly,these tips will help you fix your days.

Do you know that the way you begin your morning plays very vital role in how your day turns out? If your morning starts in chaotic and laden with confusion, that day is most likely going to end up being one of those days you will not want to remember.

But on the other hand, when you start your day with satisfaction, joy, love and more intention, things are likely to shift for the better. This is known as the morning routine effect. A good morning routine involves self-care exercises that reduce distractions and help boost your mental state for the day’s tasks.

1. Make self-care a priority

One major thing that celebrities does is to schedule their personal care like any other business appointment they might have. They do not tell people about it, they only tell people they have a conflicting appointment that they can’t possibly reschedule. Following this method, you may feel a twinge of guilt the first time, but once you get used to it, you will discover the benefits and importance of taking time to care for your own self.

2. Celebrities surrounds themself with their new way of thinking

Celebrities form the habit of watching TV shows that are of benefit to their personal care they quickly get involved things like running, fitness, cycling, outdoor magazines which are all great inspiration. They create a picture collage illustrating their new self. Listen to tapes; join activity clubs, become obsessed with their new personality. When you begin to do these things, other people may giggle at you at first, but hey, you’re actually doing something with your life!

3. They Celebrate themself

Celebrities burn their old clothes, have a “new me” mentality, and party (with appropriate food and drink and activities), go somewhere different; buy something nice for themself… This is what life is about!

5. Make their favorite breakfast

One of the major ways celebrities create a perfect morning and day for themselves is never walk out the door without eating something favorable to them. They know that a hungry man is an angry man, and starting your day on an empty stomach has the ability to spoil your mood at the start of the day, and also rob your body of the energy it needs to sustain you throughout the day.

Cultivating the habit of preparing one of your favorite breakfasts filled with nutrients in the morning can be the key to a great day. Ensure your breakfast includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins to get the nutrients you need.

Other ways celebrities create perfect morning that you must emulate are:

5. Call someone you love

We all look forward to seeing or speaking to our loved ones after a long and hard day’s job. Remember, talking to someone you love or someone that loves and care about you in the morning has great impact on you. Nothing elevates your spirit in the morning like talking to a loved one. Hearing their voice creates a moment that you’ll cherish throughout the day.

The person you called can resolve to call you some pet names to cheer you up, share some words of encouragement and wisdom to inspire you or help you solve a problem. Besides, speaking to them could make their day special and in turn, make yours special as well. If you can’t call, sending a text will work as well.

6. Develop a gratitude habit

As often as you can, reflect on those things God has blessed you with and be grateful for them (you can even make a list of them in a beautiful journal). It is especially important to do this on difficult days as it will put things in perspective. Psychology research has shown the positive impact of keeping a gratitude journal (e.g., better sleep, better mood, less illness, more happiness – read more articles on the impact of gratitude). Read some tips on keeping a gratitude journal. You can also make a gratitude quiz, complete it to see how grateful you are, it will give you a great baseline measure. It is well known, that an attitude of gratitude leads to greater life satisfaction.

7. Read some lovely text messages

Get to your phone; go through some lovely text messages on your Whatsapp or sms inbox. These are messages that made you smiled and felt loved when you read them at first, as you prepare for a brand new day, reading them again can help boost your ego, and prepare your mind for the activities of that day.

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