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See Aishat Yesufu’s reaction after Saudi bans Under-18 marriage

It is no longer rumor that the Authorities of Saudi Arabia has officially banned Under-18 marriage in the country. It has been so sad to see innocent teenagers who are under 18 years of age being rushed into marriage.

This recent development in the country shows the Islamic State is ready to balance the equation when it comes to age of marriage.

It doesn’t make sense when you put a young girl in a marital situation at an early stage. At this point, the girl doesn’t have what it takes to be in a marital atmosphere.

The practice of Under-18 marriage has been considered a norm in Saudi Arabia and the new change is considered a step to the right direction.

This recent decision by Saudi Arabia would not just affect them. Every other Islamic State will also consider adjusting their marital law.

A popular Nigeran Activist, Aishat Yesufu, has reacted to the news as she sends an emoji to express how she feels. Aishat Yesufu expressed her emotion through an emoji of celebration. I guess it’s worth celebration when you consider how this policy has affected Islamic States in recent years.

Aisha reaction with emoji of celebrations below:

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