Sanzimana Elly: How this special Boy has changed his Mother’s Life

On the 17th of November 2020, Afrimax TV Rwanda Highlighted the Story of a Boy called Sanzimana Elly, A native of a Village in Rwanda. Sanzimana Elly happens to be a 23-year-old boy born with a Rare Disorder that makes him have a Different facial Appearance and a Special way of thinking.

After Afrimax shared Sanzimana’s Story, The story of the Rwandese Boy went Viral across the Internet and a whole lot of people felt sorry for the Boy and His Family, which made them inquire and reached out to help them.

However, Afrimax Media has shared a New Video which reveals how the Story of the boy whom they shared on the Internet last month has changed the Mother’s Life in New Video.

Sanzimana Ellypics

In this Recent Video, Sanzimana’s Mother revealed that the former Version of their Story had Attracted Unexpected Responses from their Countrymen, as they started sending them money and Foodstuffs.

She also said that money was sent in from well-wishers, which she used her Neighbor’s Phone to receive the Money, but sadly thieves Broke into their House and Stole all the money and Foodstuffs they received including the Phone.

Sanzimana Elly video

While speaking with Sanzimana’s Mother, Afrimax Journalist revealed that money has been sent in All the way From the Netherlands for her, Hearing this The mother Of the Special boy showed Gratitude and thanked the Afrimax group for all their Help, And wished that She could meet all the People Sending in all this Money for Her.

Sanzimana’s Mother added that they now have enough money to afford a Good Home and that all these Blessings came in through the same Child People Call a Monkey.

Sanzimana Elly video

The Afrimax Journalist Also took Sanzimana’s Mother to the Bank to ensure that a New Bank Account was created for her to save all the money sent in for her and her family.

Watch Sanzimana Elly Video Below:

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