Rapper Dies After Jumping Off Balcony To Hide From His Wife During Bisexual Threeway

A popular Brazilian rapper died after jumping from a balcony to escape his wife who he believed was about to catch him in the midst of a bisexual threesome. Kevin Nascimento Bueno, better known as MC Kevin, was said to have fallen several stories from a hotel room in Rio de Janeiro while fleeing a threesome he was having with his friend, Victor Fontenelle, and fashion model Bianca Domingues. After hearing a knock on the door, Bueno freaked out and jumped rather than face his wife, Deolane Bezerra.

Bueno’s wife had been calling and texting him but didn’t get an answer. According to reports, Bezerra was said to have been searching for Bueno around the hotel after failing to get a hold of him on his phone. When a friend knocked on the hotel room door, Bueno believed that his wife had located him and jumped from the balcony so he didn’t have to face her.

He was trying to jump to a terrace just under the balcony. However, instead of hitting the terrace, he missed and fell five stories onto the pool patio outside the hotel. He has pronounced dead not long after.

Everyone involved seemed to be under the influence. Domingues told police that she’d only met Bueno earlier that afternoon when the rapper and his friend invited her back to their hotel suite. It’s unclear if she knew Bueno was married, though he and Bezerra had only exchanged vows three weeks prior. “We must point out that all testimonies report excessive consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances, illicit drugs,” said police chief Antenor Junior. “Extremely scared, worried about being caught cheating by his wife, he panicked and tried to go down to the floor below when he slipped, fell and unfortunately died.”

Bezerra allegedly hit Domingues. While both women were at the police station at the same time, Bezerra allegedly hit Domingues, though it’s unclear how serious the altercation was and whether or not Bezerra was arrested for the assault.

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