Proven 11 best way to lose 10 pounds every week

10 pounds a week – losing weight seems to be uphill tasks for many people, especially when you need to lose weight in a few days. And especially when you need to look good for events or events that will come. To achieve a quick weight loss like ten pounds a week, people often use an accident diet or spend hours sweating in the gym. In fact, there are many FAD diets that allow you to spill pounds in a few days, but they have a detrimental effect on your body and health, making you sick, hungry and nutrition.

Of course, there are other ways that don’t hurt to achieve this goal without a diet. All you need to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle consisting of nutrition, fitness, sleep and proper hydration. The best part is that this strategy does not only allow you to lose ten pounds within a week, but also help you maintain a healthy weight in the long run.

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Here are the 11 best way to lose 10 pounds a week:

Below are listed are the best effective ways that you must follow strictly in the daily regime for a healthy weight.

Nutrition is one of the most important parameters to remember when following a weight loss regime. Having a balanced diet is important to ensure that you don’t feel nutrients deprived. If you want to lose ten pounds a week, you need to take care of the following in terms of nutrition.

1. Consume fewer calories lose 10 pounds every week:

Watching your calories is very important when you try to lose weight. In fact, the secret of weight loss is to consume fewer calories than you burn. It must be remembered that one pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. Thus, you need to burn 3500 more calories than you carry with food. But this does not mean that you enter starvation mode. All you need to do is shave 500 calories in a day through food and sports changes to avoid getting 1 to 2 pounds every year. Instead of using an accident diet, it is recommended to consume around 1,200 to 1600 calories every day and keep the food journal to calculate your calorie consumption.

2. Burn 5000 more calories than you take

To lose 10 pounds a week, you need to burn more than 5,000 calories than you take per day. Agree, it’s too much for ordinary people, but you have to push yourself to achieve this goal. Also, it must be remembered that the average person burns around 2000 calories when carrying out normal routine activities. This means that if you consume exactly 2000 calories through food every day, you will not get and lose weight. To burn extra calories, you can make simple changes in your lifestyle like walking instead of driving, taking stairs instead of lifts and just breathing. Read also world’s most dangerous foods you must be careful in handling

3. Don’t skip breakfast: to lose 10 pounds every week:

Breakfast was, no doubt, one of the most important meals on the day and missed it with the desire to cut calories at all not a good choice. In fact, some studies have shown that people whose breakfast regularly has a relatively lower BMIS than breakfast skippers. So, kick start your day in a healthy and nutritious way by having a bowl of oatmeal or whole wheat cereal over it with fruit or low-fat milk. You can also have scrambled eggs to meet your protein needs, but avoid heavy and oily food for breakfast.

4. Combine lean protein in your diet:

Combining lean protein in food and snacks you will make you not eat overly by keeping you full longer. You can try 98% slim meat, skinless chicken, eggs and fish like salmon. For vegetarians, soybean products such as edamame or know, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, and nuts are a good source of non-fat protein. In addition, it is recommended to eat frequently at intervals of 3 to 4 hours to maintain your blood sugar levels and avoid popular advantages.

5. Cut consumption of simple carbohydrates:

Simple carbohydrates, also known as perfected carbohydrates, absorbed by our bodies quickly but give zero nutrition. So it is recommended to stay away from simple carbohydrates such as cakes, candy, molasses, honey, cakes and other roast candies, and packaged cereals.

6. Choose complex carbohydrates:

Change processed carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates when packed with fibers and other nutrients. In addition, they are digested by the body and released into the bloodstream relatively slowly. So combining complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, wheat paste, nuts and nuts, vegetables such as asparagus and fruits like apricots in your diet.

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7. Avoid fast food to lose 10 pounds every week:

Fast food synonyms of unhealthy food. In addition to being loaded with trans-fat, fast food such as fries, burgers and vibrations contain the amount of sugar and salt that can cause you to pile up the pound. They are also nil in terms of nutrition. Therefore, if you want to spill ten pounds effectively, it is recommended to avoid complete fast food.

8. Eat smaller portions:

Indeed, it is fun to know that reducing your portion size of 10% to 20% can also cause weight loss. You can cut your portion size by using a smaller bowl and plate or a measuring cup to measure your portion size. Eating smaller foods often will not only make you full, but also increase your metabolism, causing weight loss.

9. Choose a lighter alternative:

One way to speed up weight loss is to switch to a lighter alternative in food. In other words, you must use a low-version of dairy products, mayonnaise, dressing salad, etc. You can use salsa or hummus as a sauce, mustard as a spread of sandwiches, not butter, skim milk instead of cream in your coffee and baked sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. This simple substitution can make a difference with your weight and health.

10. Avoid snacking late at night:

We cannot deny the fact that most of us enjoy snacking late at night without watching television or late night. We did not realize that we loaded our bodies with unnecessary calories by doing it. It is recommended for dinner before 9pm. If you want to have dessert, you can have a bowl of light ice cream or frozen yogurt. After that, brush your teeth so you tend to eat or drink anything.

11. Eat low and medium gi food lose 10 pounds every week:

Foods that have a high glycemic index must be avoided because they create a surge in sugar levels. This will ultimately cause nails at insulin levels and increase fat storage in the body. Low GI foods, on the other hand, causes small fluctuations and gradual increases on insulin levels and blood sugar. Besides keeping you more full and giving your energy, they help lose weight and minimize the risk of diabetes.


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