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13 Common plus size fashion mistakes women should avoid

Plus size fashion refers to clothing designed specifically for people who are larger than the traditional sizes available on the market. Plus size clothing is often designed to flatter a person’s body shape and provide a comfortable fit. It is important to remember that plus size fashion is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s now look at 13 common plus size fashion mistakes women should avoid.

Different body types require different styles and fits, which is why it is important to find the right pieces for your body type. With the right fashion choices, plus size individuals can look and feel their best.

Honestly, many of these common fashion mistakes are also relevant to a slimmer woman, however, it becomes more pronounced when you are a plus size person. Others are specific to women who have a larger body, but still want to dress to feel both confident and comfortable.

Listed below are the worst and commonest plus size fashion mistakes every big woman must watch out for and be sure you are not a victim of any of them; this is because, irrespective of your big size as a woman, you still need to appear stylish and well-dressed. Don’t miss reading these basic requirements for becoming a famous fashion designer

1. Baggy is Not Better

Always say no to poor fit or baggy clothes. While selecting big and tall clothing as a plus size woman, avoid loose fitted dresses. Baggy or loose fitted clothes can give you frumpy and larger look. The fact that the dress looks good does not mean it will look great or flatter your body. Rather, look for dresses that are firm-fitted which elongates your body and highlight your best features.

2. Hiding Your Body Completely

One of the commonest plus size fashion mistakes is the use of clothes to hide your body. When you hide all your body curves under baggy clothes make you look larger than you really are. Embrace your curves and find clothes that skim the body instead of trying to hide all of it under oversized clothing.

3. Focusing Too Much on Trends

Please understand that most fashion trends are only flattering to some categories of people only irrespective of body size. If you love to keep your looks current to the latest fashion vogue, then concentrate more on accessories than silhouettes that may be unflattering to your body. Then select your silhouettes based on what fits your body and not what is trending.

4. Sticking to Black Color

The fact that black color seems to appear slimming doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to it. One of the worst plus size fashion mistakes you can make shying away from other colors.

Try other dark hues that are slimming such as dark browns and navys, but don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of bright colors in your outfits too, not just in your accessories. Here are best 50 Kampala gown collections for female celebrities

5. Wearing Cap Sleeves on Large Arms

When you cultivate the habit of paying attention to your body shape, it helps you pick out what fits you, it is advisable to disregard what is flattering on other plus size women. For instance, wearing a cap sleeves when you have thicker arms will never look flattering on you, rather, the sleeves will make them look even larger.

6. Sticking to a Size

It is true that body size at times can be a powerful psychological obstacle, however, you have to do your very best to ignore it and focus on what is good for your body shape and size.

Do not label yourself a certain body shape and size which will make you try to squeeze yourself into a clothing item of that size no matter what. Plus size dresses can vary greatly between different manufacturers just like shoes. One of the worst plus size fashion mistakes is just trying on a single size when you’re shopping, instead of trying to check if a larger or smaller one is more flattering on you.

plus size fashion mistakes

7. Buying Exclusively Online

One of the common plus size fashion mistakes that people make is sticking to online shopping; this can affect your fashion styles. It is therefore advised that you buy online only after you have actually tried the clothes on your body in a store or boutique, this will guarantee you will be pleased and not have to return half of your new clothes as the case may be.

8. Relying on Leggings

Wearing leggings regularly is also one of the worst plus size fashion mistakes. Remember that wearing leggings will not really slim down the size of your legs, instead it reveals every little detail. Instead, a well tailored pair of pants that is flattering on your body shape and size will always looks better.

9. Not Wearing Shapewear

If you are planning on buying new dresses, as a plus size woman, wearing shapewear under your newly purchased clothes is absolutely the only right way to try them on your body. If you are buying new clothes without wearing your regular underwear or shapewear under them, you will not be able to know exactly how they really fit you into your body.

10. Excess Accessories

Another worst plus size fashion mistakes is when you are trying to compensate with a lot of colorful accessories added to a bland and dark look.

Whenever you are trying to complete your look with the perfect accessories, make sure that these accessories attracts the eye towards your best assets, but do not go overboard with them with it.

11. Wearing Something Unflattering to Be Courageous

If you’re not really aware of your body shape or believe that ignoring it is perfectly alright, you might end up wearing outfits that simply suck. Keep away from stripes or any other details that is not flattering on your body shape

plus size fashion mistakes

Of course you can make the occasional exception, but if most of your wardrobe is what you like, not what looks good on you, it’s time for a makeover.

12. Unaware of Body Shape

Being unaware of your body shape is another common mistake! Always be eager to learn what fits for your large curvy body shape, calculate your body proportions and dress accordingly. You need to play up with your good features to show off your best assets. Look for the clothing that lengthen, slim and elongate your body.

13. Not Picking the Right fabric

Even though the fabric feels good, it doesn’t mean that it suits you well. For example, Cashmere and Silk fabrics are the softest, supple and most desirable fabrics that everyone wants to use in their clothing. These soft fabrics will show off every single facet or bulges of your body.

So, if you are plus size, then stay away with clingy fabrics, as they will only accentuate your body bulges while drawing attention, as well. Check out these Boubou gown ideas for female celebrities in 2023

However, cotton and linen fabrics are the best option because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Stay away with anything too loud or anything with horizontal prints or stripes. If you really want to wear stripes or patterns, stay away from the horizontal stripes and stick with vertical stripes which create a slimmer silhouette on you.

I am very sure these 13 common plus size fashion mistakes women should avoid that are listed herein have opened your eyes. Like earlier said, irrespective of your body shape and size, strive to appear good and look nice.

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