Parents LIVID over Perth’s ‘monsters’

Organisers of a school holiday event advertising enormous moving creepy crawlies “just like the real thing” has been forced into an embarrassing apology after families complained about being ripped off by underwhelming models on a concrete floor.

Parents took to social media in droves after the opening of the Monster Creature World at Claremont Showgrounds, which had promised huge “audio-animatronic bugs and creatures, scaled-up 500 times” which would “test your kids’ bravery”.

Pictures on the event’s website showed a tarantula towering over children, rising out of the bushland.

But, West Australians who shelled out $70 for a family ticket said they were horrified to discover the figures not only bore little resemblance to those pictured, but were barely bigger than their own children.

The lush bushland display shown on the website was missing and families were instead greeted by a handful of potted plants on a concrete floor and a metal fence.

Furious parents, some of whom had travelled hours for the event, took to social media to complain about the stark differences and demand refunds.

Camera IconThe dinosaurs included in the exhibit. Credit: Supplied

“Creatures just sitting on concrete slab in a dimly lit building with a couple of plants on each side, no back drop, no info sheets, no screens of information for the kids to read, just a little laminated sign with a QR code,” wrote one disgruntled parent.

“Underwhelmed and disappointed is an understatement….No wow factor,” fumed another.

“A huge misrepresentation, no imagination put into the display at all,” wrote another.

One visitor has even started a social media page for angry parents dubbing the event a “sham”, while many have complained about being unable to comment after they were apparently “blocked” by the organisers’ own page.

A dinosaur was dressed up with a handful of potted plants.
Camera IconA dinosaur was dressed up with a handful of potted plants. Credit: Supplied

Today, the organisers acknowledged the disappointment, offering unlimited amusement rides to try and appease upset visitors.

“We have however, started giving to all our patrons free unlimited amusement rides… to the customers who were not satisfied with the show as a compensation,” the organisers wrote.

“The organisers arrived at the above conclusion to reaffirm their commitment to ensuring that the people of WA especially for the kids to get the best value for money.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

However, the statement appears to stop short of offering refunds to its unhappy customers.

The organisers of Monster Creature World have been contacted by PerthNow for further comment.

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