Number of doorstep delivery milkmen grows by 70 per cent in 2020


The number of milkmen employed by McQueens Dairies to make doorstep milk deliveries grew by almost 170 during 2020.

Founded in 1995 by company chairman Mick McQueen and his wife, the family business

now employs 700 staff across its new multi-million pound dairy and network of distribution depots across Scotland and the north of England. This includes the couple’s five children who all hold senior positions within the business.

McQueens Dairies have distribution depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Kilbride, Kirkcaldy, Galashiels, Mansfield, Bradford, Warrington, Preston, Stockton on Tees and Carlisle.

Mick McQueen, chairman of McQueens Dairies said: “At the beginning of 2020 we employed just under 250 milkmen but having experienced a significant increase in demand for our doorstep delivery service during the year that number is now over 400, and it is likely we’ll be looking to recruit further this year as more customers ask us to deliver their milk.”

 “More and more customers tell us that they really like opening their doors in the morning to a delivery of fresh milk, and that’s being reflected in the number of milkmen we employ.  The lockdowns that we have all had to face up to since March have had an impact on consumers’ habits and customers are also telling us that they like the convenience of the safe and reliable milk delivery service our milkmen provide them. 

“Across the whole business in the last twelve months we’ve recruited more than 250 new staff, including some from sectors that have been hit particularly badly during the pandemic.  We have also opened new distribution depots and a new multi-million pound dairy, and invested in a new, customer focussed website that gives customers direct control of their orders and celebrated our 25th year in business.  Our customers make our business the success it is and we look forward to continuing to serve them.”


McQueens Dairies also deliver other products. Their delivery range extends to orange and apple juices, fresh eggs and alternative milk products.

McQueens recently launched a new website which can be found here. The new website is designed to give customers direct control of their orders, allow them to make changes in advance, and to pay directly. 

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