Minneapolis (Minn)

Inside the Battle Over George Floyd Square

The trial over George Floyd’s death is underway in Minneapolis. What to do with his memorial site has become a…

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10 Months After George Floyd’s Death, Minneapolis Residents at War Over Policing

Many officers worry about further unrest, said Sgt. Sherral Schmidt, the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. Officers…

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Minneapolis Police Investigate Punching of a Black Teenager by an Officer

The Minneapolis Police Department has opened an internal affairs investigation after a Black teenager was punched by an officer who…

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Derek Chauvin Trial: The Search for an Impartial Jury

  In the Rodney King case in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, the four officers caught on video beating…

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What Are the Questions for Potential Jurors in the Derek Chauvin Trial?

The call to jury duty for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the white former police officer accused of murdering George…

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Minneapolis Will Pay Influencers to Fight Misinformation During Officers’ Trials

The City of Minneapolis plans to pay social media influencers to spread city-approved messages as part of an effort to…

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