Mary Daniel Photos: Check Out Her New Look

Check out Mary Daniel Photos; In life, no condition is permanent, every woman is a wife material if only the husband is a good tailor; this is the story of Mary Daniels the disabled hawker, she now dazzles like a queen in her new look.

When I heard the song, “Nobody ugly”, I never doubted it, it’s all about the money and once you get it, you will surely gonna dazzle like a king or a queen. Few weeks ago, Mary Daniels names was virtually on everyone’s mouth after photo of her hawking went viral.

Below are Mary Daniel Photos:

mary daniel photos

mary daniel photos

mary daniel

mary daniel photos

People had to ask for her contact so they could reach her and that was how her story changed from “Grass to Grace”. My brother, my sister, when God remembers you, everything would happen for your good and it would look like a movie to you.

Some photos of Mary Daniels had gone viral this morning as she dazzled like a queen in her new looks, some rumoured that today is her birthday which I’m yet to verify but if that’s the truth, I wish her many happy returns.

The whole essence of this write-up is to show you that when God blesses someone, those who say “Who are they?”, would come back and say “How are they?” because, “Na condition make crayfish bend”.

No condition is permanent as God can use anybody to change your story, so never you mock anyone because of their financial predicament, you’re not God and nobody knows tomorrow.

Listen to Mary Daniel talk about her life:



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