List of Companies and Individuals Sponsoring Boko Haram

Reports reaching Efogator Media has it that United Arab Emirate (UAE) cabinet has revealed a damning list of those individuals and companies sponsoring Boko Haram in Nigeria, a terror group who have killed about 50,000 persons in Nigerians and displaced more than half of the population in the north-east part of Nigeria, most especially Borno and Yobe State since it began its operation about two decades ago.

According to  Resolution No 83 of 2021, a total of 38 persons and 15 companies have been listed by the UAE authorities as their own way of fighting terrorism globally.

How The UAE Have Exposed Terrorist Group Sponsors

Recall that in 2016, the UAE in collaboration with the Treasury Department of the United States exposed one of the foreign exchange companies that funded al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

Today, the United States, in close partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), took action to disrupt the operations and support networks of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Specifically, Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated the Al Omgy and Brothers Money Exchange (Al Omgy Exchange) and the company’s two owners, a statement by the U.S Treasury Department says.

Once again, the Al Omgy Exchange appeared on the latest list of companies that sponsors Boko Haram in Nigeria through foreign exchange.

Also in 2020, the UAE claimed to have sentenced 6 Nigerians to jail for sponsoring Boko Haram group. But it is discovered that some of the names mentioned in 2020 appeared in the current list.

Below is summary of the list of Boko Haram sponsors:

  • 6 Nigerians
  • 8 Yemen nationals
  • 5 Iranians
  • 3 Syrians
  • 4 UAE nationals
  • 2 Iraqis
  • 2 from Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • 1 sponsor from Jordan
  • 2 Lebanese
  • 1 Indian
  • 1 Afghan
  • 1 sponsor from Saudi Arabia
  • 1 from great Britain

The sponsors and their countries of origin are:

S/N Terrorism Sponsors In Nigeria Their Nationalities
1 Salihu Yusuf Adamu Nigeria
2 Ibrahim Ali Alhassan Nigeria
3 Muhammed Ibrahim Isa Nigeria
4 Surajo Abubakar Muhammad Nigeria
5 Bashir Ali Yusuf Nigeria
6 Abdurrahaman Ado Musa Nigeria
7 Mohamed Saqer Yousif Saqer Al Zaabi United Arab Emirate (UAE)
8 Saeed Naser Saeed Naser Alteneiji United Arab Emirate (UAE)
9 Hamad Mohammed Rahmah Humaid Alshamsi United Arab Emirate (UAE)
10 Ahmed Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed Alshaiba Alnuaimi United Arab Emirate (UAE)
11 Mehdi Azizollah Kiasati Iran
12 Mohsen Hassan Kargarhodjat Abadi Iran
13 Seyyed Reza Mohmmad Ghasemi Iran
14 Farshad Jafar Hakemzadeh Iran
15 Ibrahim Mahmood Ahmed Mohammed Iran
16 Alaa Khanfurah – Alaa Abdulrazzaq Ali Khanfurah – Alaa Alkhanfurah Syria
17 Osama Housen Dughaem Syria
18 Hazem Mohsen Farhan + Hazem Mohsen Al Farhan Syria
19 Mohammed Ahmed Musaed Saeed Yemen
20 Sharif Ahmed Sharif Ba Alawi Yemen
21 Rashed Saleh Saleh Al Jarmouzi Yemen
22 Naif Nasser Saleh Aljarmouzi Yemen
23 Adel Ahmed Salem Obaid Ali Badrah Yemen
24 Suliman Saleh Salem Aboulan Yemen
25 Fadhl Saleh Salem Altayabi Yemen
26 Ashur Omar Ashur Obaidoon Yemen
27 Imad Khallak Kantakdzhi Russia
28 Hayder Habeeb Ali Iraqi
29 Basim Yousuf Hussein Alshaghanbi Iraqi
30 Walid Kamel Awad Saint Kitts and Nevis
31 Khaled Walid Awad Saint Kitts and Nevis
32 Mouhammad Ayman Tayseer Rashid Marayat Jordan
33 Hassan Hussain Tabaja Lebanon
34 Adham Hussain Tabaja Lebanon
35 Manoj Sabharwal Om Prakash Indian
36 Zubiullah Abdul Qahir Durani Afghanistan
37 Ali Nasser Alaseeri Saudi Arabia
38 Fadi Said Kamar Great Britain

Below are Companies Sponsoring Terrorism in Nigeria and Their Operation Headquarter:

As you can see, 38 individuals have been named in this new revelation. A total of15 companies is also listed as Boko Haram sponsors.

Some of the companies operate in the following sector:

  • foreign exchange,
  • Shipping
  • Clearing and forwarding,
  • Logistics
  • IT service
  • Medical services

Below are the fingered companies are:

S/N Companies Sponsoring Boko Haram In Nigeria Their Location of Operation
1 Naser Aljarmouzi Ceneral Trading (L.L.C) UAE
2 Naser Aljarmouzi Cargo & Clearing LLC UAE (Dubai)
3 Wave Tech Computer LLC UAE
4 NYBI Trading – FZE Established in 2014, Nybi Trading Fze is a Private Limited Company based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.
5 KCL General Trading F Z E Ajman, UAE
6 Alinma Group It’s a medical services company based in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia
7 Al-Omgy & Bros Money Exchange It’s a money exchange company based in Yemen. United States in November 2016 sanction the same company to sponsoring terrorism
8 Al Jarmoozi Cargo & Clearing (L.L.C) Dubai, United Arab Emirate
9 Four Corners Trading Est Dubai, UAE
10 Sasco Logistic L.L.C It is a shipping company that is bsed in DeiraAl Rigga – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
11 Ray Tracing Trading Co LLC Dubai, UAE
12 H F Z A Arzoo International F Z E It’s a marine chemical manufacturing company based in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
13 Hanan Shipping L.L.C Established in 1997, Hanan Shipping L.L.C headquarters is located at 171 Al Nahda St – Al QusaisAl Qusais 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
14 AlJarmouzi General Trading LLC Dubai, UAE
15 Al Jarmoozi Transport By Heavy & Light Trucks (L.L.C) It’s a logistics company based in UAE

Recall that Boko Haram activities have killed thousands of Nigerians, Chadians, Cameroonians and displaced millions of persons majorly in the North-East part of the Nigeria and neighboring countries. The worst hit states in Nigeria is Borno state, others are Yobe and Adamawa states, all in the north east.

You will recall that after Chadian leader Idriss Déby accused Nigerian authorities of releasing captured Boko Haram fighters in 202,he was thereafter killed on April 19, 2021.

The United States authorities had also offered to assist the Nigeria governments in exposing the sponsors of Boko Haram group, but as at today, 16th of September 2021, the Buhari-led government is yet to accept the American offer.

Judging by the body language of the president, who doubles as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Nigerian authorities isn’t ready to expose the sponsors of Boko Haram who have killed thousands of innocent Nigerians foreigners.



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