Ladies, see why it’s okay to fake orgasm

Orgasm: It’s alright to fake it, ladies
Muscles of the vagina clamp down on the penis more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to withdraw freely from the vagina

By Bunmi Sofola

That famous scene in When Harry Met Sally summed up the situation perfectly.

As Meg Ryan’s character showed, faking an orgasm is not difficult for the average woman. It is often thought that those who do so are simply trying to spare their partner’s feelings.

But a survey commissioned by Cosmopolitan magazines found another reason for pretence. Just as many apparently fake it because they have had enough and simply want their lovemaking session to end so they can get some sleep.

Sixty-seven per cent of those polled had faked an orgasm with a partner. The survey also suggests that when it comes to making love, women’s pleasure isn’t always a priority.

Some 57 per cent, or just over half of those surveyed, said they had an orgasm most or every time they had sex.

But 95 per cent believed that their other half climaxed every time. Most women said they had their first orgasm between the ages of 17 and 19.

Almost all of the 2,300 surveyed said they had experienced an orgasm at some point in their lives.

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