Is KREA really the fastest hair straightener in India? We tried it out for you!



Well, there has been a lot of talk about Hair Straighteners that give salon-like results. And the new kid on the block has been making a lot of noise. So we tried out KREA to see it really is the best straightener in the country right now.

Our first impressions of KREA is good. The product is really ergonomic and fits your hand perfectly. The matte black finish is pretty decent and as the makers say – helps keep the brush smudge and scratch free.

Works Like A Wonder!


We tried out straightening – one with our in-house editor and another with a girl who’s got really frizzy hair. And voila, it actually worked well. The under four minutes was a stretch for the girl with frizzy hair. It took her about 5+ minutes to get it all done. But KREA certainly left us impressed. We still could get salon-like hair straightening in just 5 minutes. I could only imagine the numerous brilliant possibilities of having a hair straightener at home – one that could do so much in so less time. No more regular visits to the salon and most importantly – I wouldn’t need to spend Rs.800 every time I went to the salon. At a price of Rs.10,000 – I think it isn’t cheap but definitely worth it because I could get my return on investment in just 10 uses. And with a 1-year replacement warranty – I am pretty sure the product the good in the look run to.

So for all the pretty people who have been following my style tips and blogs – here’s a new product that surely deserves to be in your closet. I loved KREA for sure!! Plus – with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try it and keep it only if you like it. Your can buy KREA right here.

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