“I’m tired of chasing small girls”, says Married Man

“I’m tired of chasing small girls”, says Married Man after an all-night with a female UNILAG student who showed him the other side of a woman.

The Chidinma Ojukwu saga is now running in the heads of married men as another has renounced his sugar daddy role.

A married man (name withheld) has confessed that he is tired of chasing small girls, also known as runs girls.

The Anonymous man made the confession to a client identified as Onye Nkuzi who shared the story on Sunday afternoon on Twitter.

Nkuzi via his Twitter handle @cchukudebelu wrote:

“I once visited a client, and it was clear to me, he had just finished an all-night session with a UNILAG babe, who kissed him on the way out.

“He had a conscience and was filled with guilt when he saw me. He confessed to me he was tired of chasing small girls.

“He was married”, the tweet read.

The tweet added that: “There was no point ‘preaching to him’ – because we attended the same church, and he was a regular church attendee.

“He knew what was up”.

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The tweet has generated a lot of reactions from Twitter users.

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