How you can brighten your teeth in few minutes

Many people always go around on social media to seek help on how to brighten their yellow teeth. The remedy in this article has been proven to be effective and I have used the remedy and it worked.

Things you need to brighten your teeth:

Ginger, lemon, grater, a new toothbrush, any toothpaste baking soda, a bowl, and a knife.


1. Slice the lemon into halves, get rid of the seed, and extract the juice out of the lemon into a clean bowl.

2. Peel the ginger and grate it with grater to the sixe of two tablespoons, add it to the lemon juice you have in the bowl.

3. Include a small spoon of baking powder in the bowl.

4. Include your toothpaste in what you have in the bowl. (Let the toothpaste be the size of the paste you use to brush your teeth)

5. Use your brand new toothbrush to mix the solution together very well.

6. Brush your teeth with the solution. Make sure you brush it very well. In 2 minutes, you will get your desired result.


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