How Twitter Can Be Used Within the Teaching Community

Twitter is a social media network that allows people from all over the world to engage in discourse over any topic. The micro-blogging nature of the platform makes conversations flow quickly and makes it an appealing choice for millions of users. Twitter’s mode of communication makes it a valuable tool for educators looking to add value to their students’ education.

It’s a Great Resource

Through Twitter, you and your students can access information from all over the globe. Scientists and experts from every field make their work available on the platform and find it is a search away. Twitter’s search bar allows you to look for information using hashtags or simply typing the keyword of your choice.

Expand Learning Beyond the Classroom

The textbooks and material you provide your students limit their learning on a subject to the content within your teaching plan. Twitter offers a limitless world where you and your students can find the knowledge that compliments your syllabus.

For example, if you’re talking about historical events, Twitter is an excellent resource for finding images and other visual content on your topic. You can also search for differing viewpoints that you can examine with your students.

Foster Two-Way Communication With Students

One of the ways that teachers get better at their job is through feedback. A two-way line of communication allows students to get in touch with you when they have questions or comments. If something you teach seems evident to you but is unclear to some of your students, Twitter is an excellent way for them to let you know. Read also 11 Essential skills of a successful social media manager.

Furthermore, you can have students complete surveys quickly and efficiently. For example, rather than giving your students material and having them figure out the details, Twitter can give you an additional way to enhance their learning.

Connecting With Other Classes

Twitter can either be a distraction or a powerful learning tool. Your proactive involvement can help students choose the latter. For example, students can connect with other classes from within your school, other schools or even across the globe.

You can help students add a social component to their learning by encouraging this inter-connectivity. The ability to collaborate with a wide range of students outside their class will foster their sense of teamwork and open up new critical thought and creativity horizons.

Bring Parents Into the Classroom

Parents love to be involved in their children’s education but may not be able to sometimes due to their busy schedules. Twitter gives you the ability to keep parents engaged with their children’s learning. Parents can read updates on their kids’ class on their Twitter feeds and you can even send them a direct message to inform them about students’ progress.

Enhance Your Students’ Education

Twitter is a resource that can boost your effectiveness as a teacher and help you contribute to a student’s growth. If you want to enhance your students’ education, Adobe Education Exchange has useful resources on everything from art and architecture to ideas for a math project. Combined with Twitter, these resources can change the way students learn for the better.


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