How to Stop Masturbation Frequently Asked Questions

As you already know, doing sexual activity such as masturbation involves stimulation of genitals by hand and fingers or by any device to achieve sexual pleasure, some persons help their partner masturbate. But, is masturbation good or bad? In this post, i will be talking about how to stop masturbation frequently asked questions

There are many questions that are often asked about masturbation from Dr. Chirag Bhandari, the best sex experts in India. Read below the answers by experts for all questions related to masturbation. Don’t miss reading 4 Reasons some ladies faint during lovemaking

Masturbation, the name that each of us must have heard once in our lives, is something we are forbidden to talk about in our society. Masturbation is a regular sexual activity carried out by people to fulfill their sex drive. Doubts and awkwardness among people is the reason why people are not aware of the side effects of masturbation. Although masturbation is not bad until it doesn’t become addicted.

People often masturbate without knowing the impact or effect of this physical activity on the body. And because of this unconsciousness, they enter into many abnormal health conditions such as male infertility as a side effect of masturbation.

Knowing in depth about masturbation and things related to it will ultimately help you to save themselves from future health conditions related to this activity. And when in confusion, you can always consult the best sexologist in India – Chirag Bhandari.

Below are 19 How to Stop Masturbation Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is masturbation?

Masturbation is a self-pleasure activity that involves rub and touching parts of the body such as penis, scrotum, vulva, and clitoris to achieve sexual pleasure. This process makes men and women explore their own bodies and provide certain types of sexual pleasure. In, India many women and boys explore their private parts and enjoy touch before sex for the first time.

Masturbation is a normal part of the lives of men and women and sexual experiences. But the amount of time that someone spends on this activity is different for everyone. For example, some people do it every day, while some prefer every week. People also control masturbation for more than a month, depending on their desires.

You will agree with that the time duration during which a man masturbates cannot be idealized if a person is replacing it with other aspects of a healthy life such as work, office, social activities and others.”

2. Is men masturbating more than women?

According to research, people found that among teenagers aged between 14-17 years in the United States, nearly 74 percent of men and around 48 percent of women masturbate.

3. Why do people masturbate?

This question is “why people masturbate” and all things come to one term, and it is “pleasure”. Masturbation is about making yourself feel good and revive sexual tension because of the current problems facing a man. People often do this activity when someone without a partner or partner does not want to have sexual intimacy of them.

Some masturbates because they are afraid of infectious diseases and women sexually do it to prevent pregnancy. However, most of the time for men who have sexual problems, experts and doctors can suggest masturbation to continue sexual activity. .

4. Is it normal masturbation?

Masturbation has been considered a sexual deviation, but now people have received and adopted this activity with all their thoughts and hearts. And now, this is a very normal sexual process that people often do to meet their needs.

5. Is masturbation dangerous?

Medical fields and medical experts see masturbation as natural and safe sexual expressions for men and women. This is safe because it does not cause physical injury or danger to the body. In fact, when done in medium quantities, it helps to normalize low sexual desires.

Chirag Bhan-founder of Iash, India, said that “is normal if a man masturbates because it helps improve one’s sexual health. It also helps married couples find new techniques for better sexual bonds between each other”.

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6. Do female ejaculation affect virginity?

Masturbation involves touching the clitoris and vulva for sexual pleasure. But scratching your vulva will not open your hymen. So, even the most severe masturbation will not affect women’s virginity.

7. What happens if you masturbate too much?

The important thing to note is – if a man often masturbates or in a short span, he can experience some adverse changes. This can be physical or sexual.

Excessive masturbation will not lead to pregnancy problems or cancer. But other results of excessive masturbation are skin infections, irritation and other prostate problems.

8. Does masturbation reduce stamina?

This sexually pleasant law does not have a direct impact on the performance of men’s exercises. But because it affects the testosterone level every time a man reaches orgasm, a man tends to suffer low stamina problems for the interim period.

9. Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an abnormality where a man gets a problem in doing or maintaining an erection. Usually, loose or less strong erections, preventing a man give pleasure to his partner. People with masturbation problems often take a glimpse in the future.

In fact, some studies show that masturbation problems that can often contribute to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. It happens because when a masturbated man is mostly; it stopped it for imaginary intimacy and made him lose physical potential to perform well on the bed.

10. Everywhere to get erectile dysfunction care caused by masturbation?

Chirag Bhandari on Iash, India, is experienced in treating sexual problems with the best treatment. They provide drugs, offering operations and special behavior therapy to help a man get rid of the problem ed. Depending on the cause and level ed, they treat your problem with the right expertise.

11. What are the side effects to release sperm every day or masturbate every day?

The main side effects of doing this sexual action are that a man loses his sensitivity and sexual desire.

Masturbation is aggressive, like when you tighten the handle too hard on the penis or you do it faster, will make you lose your sensitivity. But if the right technique is used at the right time, you can remove such side effects quickly.

12. Does masturbation cause psychological problems?

Some people still feel that masturbation makes them lose their religious beliefs or make them look bad in society. Usually, a man with this thinking approach suffers from mental health problems that lead to depression as well.

Thinking and excessive guilt to masturbate can cause depression, stress and phobias to appear physically with a partner. It is important to understand that masturbation is immoral, and doing this will not make it less than a man.

13. What is the relationship between masturbation and prostate cancer?

Discussion about whether masturbation causes prostate cancer still occurs between doctors and leading anthology experts.

However, men who ejaculate or masturbate more than five times a week, especially at the age of 20, less vulnerable to getting prostate cancer.

14. Make excess masturbation cause skin problems?

The answer to this question is – “Yes”. Masturbation can often cause various skin problems or foreskin problems. It can also cause edema / odema – physical problems involving swelling due to inflammation or infection. Getting tear skin and irritation is very common.

15. How to stop masturbation?

When you feel that excessive masturbation affects your thoughts or relationships with your partner, this is the time to stop. You can always find ways to stop masturbation regularly. And when no one works for you, you can always consult a sexologist to seek help about this problem. This is how you can stop the habit of masturbation.

When someone is active and busy, there are fewer opportunities to think about doing this activity. And when you focus on things that don’t trigger you to do physical actions, finally help you control your urge to masturbate.

16. Can you not watch porn help with masturbation habits?

The first thing you need to do to prevent this habit is to avoid watching pornographic films. Porn is something that triggers a man’s brain to find sexual pleasure. And when you stop watching porn movies, you avoid imagining a sexual scenario that forces you to do it.

17. Does the training assistance in controlling masturbation?

Doing exercises every day solve about 90% of sexual problems faced by men. In addition, sports made a man lose his tension and gave him positive energy.

Swimming, weight lifting, jogging and running useful in removing endorphins that promote the state of welfare.

18. How to stop masturbation naturally?

Take time with you like when you are around the person you feel connected, including your partner; Then you don’t feel lonely. Together with people and spending time with them will reduce your urge to masturbate. This will keep you busy and also direct your focus on important things.

19. What care for masturbation problems?

Many people think that excessive masturbation is not something that can be treated using drugs or other treatment modes. However, by taking the right counselling session and sex therapy, you can control your encouragement to control masturbation. And most of the time, after sex therapy, people have seen positive changes in it.



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