How to start income generating fashion blog

Are you a fashion icon for all your friends and want to bring your style to the next level by starting a blog mode? By following this highlighted blogging mode tips, you will be fine on your journey to have a style blog that is stylish, successful, and fun. I will reveal to you 11 tips to start income generating fashion blog.

Do you also think of making money from your blog fashion? Well, good luck because it is difficult. With thousands of blog fashion that are made every day, besides the popular ones have made money, it is difficult to enter the game and recognized. But with a clear niche and endless work ethic, long days and nights is spent typing on a computer can turn your blog fashion into a real salary.

The following are tips to start income generating fashion blog:

1. Choose a topic

Choose a general or specific topic to write. Every girl and man out there thinks their style is unique, so what makes your blog different from the others? If your unique clothing and arrangement of style arrangement are what you know, the daily clothing blog with pictures and details of your clothing choices can be the right place to start. There are many sites that you can see for inspiration (celebrities, gossip, accessories, offers, D.I.Y) or create your own unique topic to be expressed to the world!

When the number of people increases blogging, blogging can be super specific and segmented. You can create a specific blog as a patent leather headband and get successful followers because of your love for super specific mode accessories! Be yourself- write/ use/ photo/ reclog/ what you know and what you like. The audience who likes the same thing will find you and you will build human presence with them.

2. Conduct research

Do a thorough research and follow the trends, fashion news, and tips and learn tips. This can be useful for traffic if you are in news, events, or innovations in your fashion realm, such as new collections and trends. Find some solid resources maybe or blog fashion that you admire and see what they report.

It is good to find out what’s out there so you can be a part of a larger network and remain relevant and unique! Finding and learning new technology is another research work that you want to do- find out how to make your blog look and work as you want is important. You can find a special blog template and more for free throughout the internet.

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3. Be Consistent

Now you have many extraordinary people to read and share your blog, you will want to make them back again. This means not disappearing and posting sporadically, but rather obeys the schedule that makes your followers feel your content is fresh and constant!

4. Learn new trends

Blog Mode quickly became the next big thing in the fashion industry. To understand how this blogging revolution shakes the fashion world, you must read what is already out there. Read successful fashion school blogs, Merchandising Mode Schools, Mode Community Sites and Research Blogs that have attracted you in the past.

5. Have a name

Everything is in his name! You can have the best and most enjoyable blog fashion in the world, but without an attractive and easy -to -be -named name that hints about what your blog, your future readers can be lost. Keep simple. Still fun. Make fashionable.

6. Have a haute template

Most blog sites have a template that can be used to help you start. Be sure to choose a pleasant template, not too hard in the eye and easy to use. The most important aspect of your page is that the reader can see, interact, and find your post.

7. Write what you like

What makes you and your unique fashion style is what will make your reader back again. Blogging requires time, dedication and sometimes can make frustration, so if you don’t write about what you really like, then it is all in vain. You know your style; don’t be afraid to put it there.

8. Don’t make your fans wait

There is nothing worse than anticipating the latest posts of your favorite blogger to not work. Some blogs are updated every day or even every hour, but for those who don’t have much time available to be dedicated to blogging, make sure you update your blog at least once a week to make your reader interested and come back again. In this way, you will be able to build a loyal reader base.

9. Engage adverts

To even make some pocket changes through sites like Google Adsense or Sense Shop, your fashion blog needs to sweep thousands of viewers per day. Getting from point A (starting) to point B (getting an advertisement check by post) seems to be a place where your blog fashion will make it or solve it.

If you do not have patience and dedication to watching your audience grow organically, which can take several months or even several years, there is no way you will make money from advertisements. And the only way your audience will grow is if you consistently update and give your readers more. Make sure you choose a topic for your fashion blog that you like and you can survive because, basically, you are building your own brand. Each brand has a niche. Find your property and obey it.

Updating your blog fashion regularly and network/leaving comments on other blogs is a definite way to get more readers. Document the growth of your site traffic with Google Analytics or Site meter, so you will find out what is popular on your blog, as well as the demographic of your reader.

At this point, you can even try to sell your own ad room instead of only depending on sites like Google Adsense to send you checks. Offer 300 × 250, 160 × 600, and 728 × 60 advertisements for the business that you want to target in formal media kit, show your site statistics, and see if they are willing to work with you.

The number of viewers to the website is equivalent to the number of listeners to the radio station, for example. The more listeners who listen to radio stations, the more advertisers want to buy an ad slot. So with your blog fashion, the more visitors you have, the more advertisers are interested in buying the ad room.

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10. Pop-up sales

Pop-up sales are ideal for fashion designers who have blogs, but do not use it as a direct money producer, because it sells ad room. Instead they use their blog as a marketing tool to sell their goods offline. Prepare a one -day shopping event for your fashion label at a local boutique or art gallery and promoting it on your blog and social networking is a good way to make additional money.

Use your blog as an easy method to advertise your next pop-up event to sell your clothes, jewelry, or vintage items, and as a small bonus, offering small discounts to buyers who mention that they know about your pop-up sales from your blog.

11. Selling services

Make your service access online by starting a blog fashion. This is a free ad for you and this is an instant portfolio of your job collection to see your potential clients. Professional fashion that provides services such as photography, style, and writing must use company blogs to show off their work and make their services available for a wider market.

Having a blog makes it easy for clients to find out who you are and contact you, plus it gives the hips to what happens to your company. Many businesses are blogging! Post your work pictures, your studio room, your inspiration, and just make it fun. Get it on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr and promote your image back to your blog. Stay active on Twitter and create a page on Facebook for your blog. Take advantage of free social media outlets to advertise your business which in turn will have clients who pay you!

That’s the power of blogging. You can connect with a market that is bigger than you ever know. And you can definitely make money if you realize that it’s not just a blog, but this is a brand that people buy or the quality of the services you sell. Enter the basis for building high quality first, and then pursue monetary value.


Emebu BON is the publisher and senior admin of and its network of sites. He is a creative professional from Nigeria. He is a web designer that is dedicated to helping individuals and corporate bodies of all sizes register their presence online by setting up befitting website/blog for them.

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