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How to list multiple items on Facebook marketplace 2023

Do you have a business that sells physical products and you have an ecommerce website where people can purchase your products and check out using either their credit cards or PayPal. Facebook marketplace offers you an easy way to sell your products using their platforms, by this; millions of other facebook users can discover your products. In this post, we are going to be looking at how to list multiple items on facebook marketplace and why it is important for your business.

Millions of facebook users are browsing for product listing daily; this is therefore a huge possibility for facebook users to see your listing. Facebook market place will show users the products they are searching for, or its similarity. They use keywords such as: facebook marketplace furniture, facebook marketplace cars, facebook marketplace motorcycles etc in their searches. With this, your own product may like be found by these hungry searchers. You will agree with me that indeed your business needs facebook marketplace

Benefits of Using Facebook Marketplace:

1. Free of additional fees

Unlike so many best online business for moms, It will interest you to know that sharing products on Facebook marketplace is free from additional costs

2. Your Regular Facebook Account is enough

Once you have a verified facebook account, you can create product listing on the market place

3. You do not pay for successful sales

You do have to pay facebook for every successful sale you make, so you keep the whole money from your sold product to yourself.

4. You reach targeted customers

Your products are discovered by target customers, these are customers who could not have found your facebook page of found you by any other means. You are at liberty to also add your facebook link within the description of your listing. With this, searchers can now discover your facebook page and see more of your products.

5. You easily talk with your potential customers

You can communicate with your customers using facebook messenger, people who are interested in your products from your market place can now discuss more with you about your products. In turn, you can also tell the customer everything they need to know about your products.

6. You can target your choice location

You can target a particular location where you want your products displayed; your products can be discovered by people living in and around your local area. You can attract buyers within your community and neighborhood.

Market place shows product listing within the radius of 1mile to 500miles of your location. This allows you to arrange a pick up point with your potential buyers or customers.

But What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Marketplace is a destination on Facebook, a classified-ad section of the social network where people can discover, buy and sell items. People can browse listings, search for items for sale in their area or find products available for delivery.

Facebook leverages the Marketplace through its social network. If you already have an account on Facebook, there will be no need to create another. Users can quickly get set up to buy or sell from their existing accounts.

Individuals can list items for sale, while business owners can use this marketplace for the followings:

• Show categories of items for retail, vehicles, furniture, event tickets, and renting properties.
• Your shop or items can also be advertised on Facebook marketplace thereby reaching more buyers.
• Display new or refurbished items from your Facebook Page shop on Marketplace for free and let customers purchase without leaving Facebook (limited to eligible sellers). Note: This feature is limited to eligible sellers who have a shop with checkout. Learn more about adding Marketplace as a sales channel for your shop.
• Set up a shop with your business Page and sell as a business on Marketplace. However, this one feature is limited to only eligible sellers and items.

All listings on Marketplace must comply with our Commerce Policies (which list what you can sell on Facebook) and our Community Standards (such as images and descriptions).

Facebook Marketplace Scams

1. Deposit scam

This is a situation when the seller tells you that 2-3 other buyers are very much ready for the same products, and that he is ready to offer the product to the first person to deposit about 50% of the price. Friends, be careful, this may be a scam.

This is not to say that every deposit you make on Facebook market place is a scam. The best way to avoid this kind of deposit scam is to meet up with the person in an open place during the day time and give him the money and collect the item.

2. Fishing for information scam

This is a situation when the seller is trying by all means to get every information about you such as your email address, phone numbers, first name, last name or other contact details they could use for fraudulent activities against you, or sell to a third party.

They can hack into your email to get other information about you in order to defraud you or carry out some evil things against you.

To avoid this type of scam, do not give unnecessary information about yourself to such sellers or buyers.

How To List Multiple Items On Facebook Marketplace:

Listing multiple items on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to reach a wider audience across the nations of the earth. It is one very profitable marketing strategy you will want to tap into. Here are some tips for getting started:

1. Create a Listing

To successfully list an item, or multiple items on Facebook market place, you will need to create a listing. You can do this by clicking the “Sell” button on the top of your Facebook page.

2. Upload Photos

When creating your listing, make sure to include a few pictures that are relevant to each item you are selling. This will help potential customers get a better idea of what you have to offer.

3. Set Your Price

The third step in list multiple items on Facebook marketplace is to set a reasonable price for each item. you can set a fixed price or allow buyers to make an offer.

4. Add Details

Make sure to include a detailed description of each item you are listing, including any features or benefits, and any special conditions of sale.

5. Promote Your Listing

Having done all of the above and your listing is live; use the Marketplace’s built-in sharing features to spread the word. Post your listing on your timeline, in groups, and on other social media sites.

By following these steps, you can easily list multiple items on Facebook Marketplace and reach a wide audience. Good luck!

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