How To Choose Your Right Salt Nicotine Juice

The thrill of vaping vibrant Flavors anytime you like is unparalleled. What can only make this experience even better is a touch of nicotine. This particular ingredient in vape juices is of interest to many individuals in transition. It establishes an elegant way to move to the other side without completely quitting their love for nicotine. Also find out if consuming kratom vape be counted against doping guidelines. Let’s take a look at how to choose your right salt nic juice.

But one common challenge that they face while working with nicotine in vape juices is that it never gives a competent throat hit that helps ease the cravings. It leads to increased consumption and the yearning to return to old habits.

The Beginning Of Salt Liquids

Nicotine salt liquids entered the market, keeping these individuals in mind as the target audience. Today, you can grab the best menthol salt nic juices and take a drag to explore an authentic experience with nicotine just the way you would like. And how is this possible?

While regular vape juices carry freebase nicotine, salt liquids contain the natural salt of the compound that promises effective delivery of the chemicals to the system and a more convincing throat hit. This way, individuals can continue to enjoy the charming Flavors of vaping without having to compromise on their nicotine needs.
While salt liquids are very similar to regular vape juices in many ways, there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing them to make the best decision. Here we will discuss the best ways to pick out the right salt liquid for your needs to ensure an exceptional experience.

Do You Need Nic Salt?

Before you even step into a store to evaluate salt nic products, take a moment to understand if you need them. Salt liquids contain quite high concentrations of nicotine compared to typically freebase juices. If you are in transition and feel comfortable with regular liquids, you should stick to them to avoid exposure to stronger nicotine strengths.

Nic salts are generally the best choice for those who require very high levels of nicotine regularly to get better satisfaction from vaping. So try out slightly higher nicotine levels in regular juices to check if they work for you before moving to salt liquids.

Check Your Device

The first and the most important part of vaping with nicotine salt liquids is understanding whether or not your current device is capable of it. Salt liquids require slightly different devices from your regular mods that are best for blowing dense clouds. They are incompatible with sub-ohm devices that function on high power. The high heat would severely affect nicotine delivery in the form of salt.

The typical nicotine strength in salt liquids ranges above 50 mg compared to regular juices, which may carry 36 mg. Hence low wattage devices that cannot produce as much vapor works best for these liquids. If your current device cannot work in these specifications, you can look for refillable devices most compatible with these e-liquids.

At the same time, watch out for the coil’s resistance in your device to make sure it can work with nic salts. Given the high nicotine concentration, a low resistance coil could cause a burnt taste that will ruin the complete experience every time you vape. It could also irritate your throat when you inhale. You will typically need coils with resistance ranging from 1.0 – 1.4 ohms for the best feeling. Also, ceramic coils have proven to give a more pleasurable experience than other materials.

Pick The Right Nicotine Strength

The next most important aspect to keep in mind while choosing salt nic liquids is the nicotine concentration. Generally, knowing the right way to choose nicotine strengths is important to have a comfortable vaping experience. But when it comes to salt liquids, a little more effort is required, especially for those using freebase liquids.

side effects of vaping salt nicotine

The reason is that the typical concentration and absorption levels of salt juices are pretty high. These are extremely potent liquids, and choosing much higher strengths than you need can contribute to an uncomfortable experience.

Most salt liquids start with about 25 mg nicotine concentration going all the way up to 75 mg. 50 mg is the most common level for many brands. When you choose the strength, keep your device in mind. Low wattage systems work best with high nicotine concentrations. Additionally, devices offering customizability through temperature control can give you more freedom to experiment.

Next, remember where you are starting. You might need a stronger liquid if you are in the initial transition phases. But if you have been vaping for a while, you could make do with slightly lower concentrations. Finally, the best way to pick the right strength is to start small and increase levels gradually if necessary. Try out the liquid and evaluate if your cravings are satisfied. Check if you feel like using frequently or vaping more each time before switching to a higher strength for the best results. Most importantly, do not follow anyone’s advice blindly about getting the right nicotine strength. Each user is different. So let your experience guide your way into the vaping journey.

Go With Basic Flavors

Enjoying versatile flavors can be quite enchanting for vapers. But the golden rule when it comes to vape is to always start with simple, single flavors before jumping to complex flavors. The same goes for salt liquids as well.

The advantage of doing this is that you slowly see the perfect match of nicotine strength and flavors that best suits your taste. This match will make your vaping more enjoyable. The best part is that salt liquids produce very few clouds and take longer to empty. So you can enjoy your favourite Flavors longer and purchase in bulk and store them for an extended period.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Salt nic juices are truly cost-saving for individuals in transition as each hit competes strongly to give you maximum satisfaction. This way, you will work with a reduced frequency of use. Also, the liquids take longer to drain due to low cloud production, which could favor your budget.

But remember that these liquids are typically more expensive than regular juices. That said, do not compromise on the quality of the juice and purchase only from authentic brands and stores to ensure the safety and efficacy of your vaping journey.


Salt e-liquids are a wonderful solution for vapers looking to achieve an intense throat hit along with each nicotine delivery. The nicotine available in the raw salt form promises better satisfaction each time you vape. Keep these important points in mind while picking salt liquids to ensure you make the best choice each time.


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