How To Build a Powerful Brand and Boost Sales With Online Business Coach Owen Hone

A few years ago, whenever you had a product to sell, what would you do to make it reach your audience? You’d probably send out countless press releases, scatter expensive TV ads, hire paper advertisers, buy road banners, billboards, and a whole bunch of other things you could afford. As a result, buyers spotted those with the largest marketing budgets.

With the rise of online attraction marketing, the overwhelming structure of buyer-seller interactions became obsolete. Today, the number of Internet users and their confidence in online services is ever-growing. Yet the facilitation of commerce through online does not imply that less experience and abilities are needed to effectively sell your service.

Expert online marketing coaches like Owen Hone guide their clients through the best available strategies for maximizing their brand’s potential. Having helped many entrepreneurs earn $50,000+ in less than a month, Owen thinks that expertise and strategy make up only 20% of overall success. “The right mindset is more vital. This is how I define my mission: to help people live their true nature and make money doing what they love”, he tells us.

We sat down with Owen to figure out key strategies for increasing brand awareness and online sales. 


Any prominent company pours immense effort into improving customer service, building loyalty and trust towards its brand.

“Another vital factor in this respect is the quality of your content”, Owen tells us. “Think of your content (for example, your Facebook profile or Instagram feed) as your shop front. Whenever someone walks into your store, he/she should very clearly understand who you are and how you can help them solve a very specific problem. Mastering the art of content creation is the key to enticing your audience into knowing, liking, and trusting your brand, so that eventually they’re ready to buy from you”.


You always need masterful psychological manipulations on guard of your business: that is, how to make a client want to buy something from you and in large quantities. The best marketers are not merely concerned with showcasing factual characteristics of their products, but also with making those qualities “mean something” for the audience. Through strategic marketing, gemstones can be linked to the idea of Eternal Love, so that  in the mind of a customer, a stone ceases to signify its own ‘stoneness’ and begins to acquire connotative meanings that the marketer intended.

“You need a thorough understanding of your ideal customer, client, or team member that you want to attract. It’s impossible to attract a person into your business without being crystal-clear on who that person is, how to market to them, and where to find them”, Owen tells us.


Another aspect that Owen highlights in respect to a successful marketing campaign is conscious recruiting and constant training of the sales team.

“Through mastering the art, psychology, and structure of DMing (direct messaging) within your platform, you can predictably and consistently qualify your audience and move them to the next stage of your sales process. Whenever we start a conversation with clients we are seeking an opportunity to add “value”; that is, increase their satisfaction. From there, you will either offer them the opportunity to work with you or redirect them to something or someone else that can be of better service to them. Honesty is key”, says Owen.


Another sphere in which Owen specializes in helping his clients concerns the mechanics for improving branding, pricing, and value for money of a product or service.

Product positioning is a type of marketing that centers on highlighting the advantages of a product to a specific target audience. Marketers can select which audience to target based on market research and analysis of focus groups.

Owen is among the few entrepreneurs who know the tricks of the trade and have achieved considerable success through social media; now, he is helping others do the same.

Want to learn all the tips and tricks to skyrocket your online sales? In case you do, contact Owen on Facebook.

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