How to Become a Successful Crypto Trader: Listen To the Multiskilled Entrepreneur

The world of cryptocurrencies is evolving rapidly. Experienced users have to educate themselves every day to keep abreast of the latest developments in blockchain, bitcoin, and the vast cryptocurrency ecosystem. But what can we say about beginners, who often find it difficult to understand new technologies and decide where to start? We present one of the best crypto-education platforms that will not only help you gain knowledge and avoid many mistakes but also get rewarded for your marketing efforts.

Meet the Co-Founder: Aaron Civitarese

To be a traveller, an entrepreneur, sales professional, e-commerce enthusiast and Host of The Growth Podcast all at the same time is no easy job. You can only succeed in so many different spheres if you can lead by example. That example needs to be experience-based and inspirational. Aaron Civitarese lived through a few financially difficult years after the economy shut down in South East Asia where he and his wife Nadya had built their foundation. On top of that a few poor investments then led to battling through lower self and dealing with the resulting psychological stress. But all this did not discourage him from moving forward. Quite on the contrary, he worked his way towards success by focusing on what he could control, staying grateful all the way along and changing environments moving to Italy to start from ground zero in 2019.

Today 1 year later, Aaron is the enrollment director of an 8-figure sales team that coaches thousands in e-commerce on a mission to impact 1 Million lives. Apart from this, he hosts weekly conversations on The Growth podcast dedicated to encouraging others to ignite their passion for success and share their journey in an open and vulnerable way. And this is not all. Never willing to sit back and relax, Aaron launched a crypto-education platform to help people avoid scams and ensure they get the most out of the industry with 3 other partners. Launching the company in 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa, speaking on stage for the first time and bungee jumping all in the same day, “was a pretty intense experience” Aaron stated.

We sat down with Aaron to find out why cryptocurrencies are so hot right now and what services their crypto-education platform offers the masses looking to get in. 

Protection Against Inflation

“Cryptocurrencies have become a great business tool for diversifying risks and getting shit done, it is fast and easy to move between entities globally plus the banks don’t crush you with fees”, says Aaron. “Sooner or later, fiat incentives will have to be abandoned or switched to their own version of crypto, traditional markets will be under attack and, perhaps, the best solution for business will be the crypto market. Now, large companies are not only looking at digital assets but buying at scale, we even built our entire company with crypto, not a single fiat currency was spent.”

Future Relies on Digital Assets

In addition to continuing purchases of bitcoin by large corporations, another trend may develop – the creation of their corporate cryptocurrencies. Unlike 99% of all cryptocurrencies, such tools will rely on the support of real businesses. While existing cryptocurrencies, especially those in the TOP-10, will be used to diversify investment portfolios”, he added.


COINBIT PRO is a unique crypto-education platform that provides the most up-to-date information on technical trading strategies. Constantly updated video materials and masterclasses ensure comprehensive education for users with different levels of knowledge and experience.

The platform invites everyone to take part in educational masterclasses specially designed to teach the fundamentals of trading as well as more complex, strategic trading. 

Those who demonstrate the best digital asset awareness can look forward to material rewards in the form of 100% commission on each new sale. Sounds near-magical, doesn’t it?

Should you wish to become a professional cryptocurrency trader or are an affiliate marketer looking for your next campagne, this is your place to start.

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