Hiking Dress Trends for the Upcoming Season 2023

Hiking is an outdoor activity, a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. It is an activity that is often done in a group and can involve backpacking, camping, and other outdoor activities. As such, having the right clothing is essential for a successful hike. This article focuses on hiking dress trends for the upcoming season 2023.

The best hiking dress should be lightweight, comfortable, and provide adequate protection from the elements. It should also include features such as pockets and ventilation to keep you cool and dry. Finally, it should be easy to clean and maintain. With the right outfit, you’ll be ready to take on any terrain with confidence and enjoy the great outdoors.

You’re heading out for a hiking trip but what do you wear, I mean what is your hiking dress? Find out how to dress properly for any hiking trek in any season.

Factors To Consider Before Going For Hiking:

1. Which season are you heading out in?

And what will the weather be where you are going? Depending on where you are going, be prepared for quick and drastic weather changes. We have headed out in balmy sunny weather and by the time we reached our base camp the snow was softly falling on us as we set up camp. Be prepared for any weather!

2. Don’t overdress when you head out

You might feel a bit chilly but better to be this way than overdressed when you head out. Within minutes your body is going to warm up and heat up. Sweating a lot isn’t good for hikers as it draws heat away from our bodies and when you stop for a break or for camp you want to be able to retain as much body heat as possible.

3. Protect your head

If you are hiking in cooler temperatures. We lose the most heat through our heads so if you are hiking in cooler temperatures wear some head gear, a simple fleece toque will do, to prevent heat loss from your head.

4. Layer up

Using a good base layer, mid layer and out layer is the best way to dress for any hiking excursion. Don’t wear any cotton clothing either. This just absorbs moisture and won’t dry quickly. Wear layers of polyester and polyester blends or merino wool clothing (my personal favourite).

Some important tips to remember include remembering to add a layer when you stop along your hike. Whether it’s a quick stop for lunch or when you’ve arrived at base camp it’s important to add a layer and prevent getting cold. Keep an extra layer in an easy to reach area of your hiking backpack for this purpose.

As mentioned above, don’t wear cotton. Cotton is wonderful on a day to day basis but can be a nightmare for hikers. It absorbs moisture and odours and it doesn’t dry quickly either. It’s best to stick with fabrics such as polyester and polyester blends and merino wool that wicks away moisture allowing your body to better manage its temperature to stay comfortable.

How you dress when heading out for a hiking trip is vital. Know what kind of weather you will be encountering and expect the unexpected. Use a layering principle to dress and stay away from cotton.

Remember, proper dressing for your hike will make you a better hiker, therefore, below are 8 ways to select best hiking dress:

1. Consider Your Climate

Selecting your preferred hiking dress, it depends on the climate and season in which you’re hiking, you’ll want to make sure to select the appropriate clothing. If it’s cold outside, you’ll want to choose heavier materials, such as wool or synthetic materials, which will keep you warm and insulated. On the other hand, if you’re hiking in a warmer climate, you’ll want to opt for breathable and lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or polyester.

2. Consider Your Activity Level

If you’re going to be hiking for an extended period of time, it’s important to choose clothing that will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. You should opt for clothing with multiple pockets, so that you can easily store items like snacks, a map, and other essentials. Additionally, you should look for clothing with moisture-wicking capabilities, so that you stay dry and comfortable during your hike.

3. Choose Durable Materials

You’ll want to make sure to select hiking clothing that is made out of durable and long-lasting materials. Look for clothing made out of ripstop fabrics or nylon, which are designed to be tough and resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, make sure to select clothing that is waterproof and windproof, so that you can stay protected from the elements while you’re out on the trail.

4. Pick the Right Fit

In selecting your perfect hiking dress, you’ll want to make sure that the clothing you select fits you correctly. Make sure to check the sizing charts for the clothing you’re considering, and opt for clothing that is loose and comfortable, so that you can move freely during your hike. Additionally, look for clothing with adjustable features, such as cuffs and drawstrings, so that you can adjust the fit as needed.

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