Get Strong And Sleek Upper Body with HIIT Workout

Get Strong And Sleek Upper Body with HIIT Workout


Many of us are aware of  that working out is solely to lose those extra pounds, maintain weight or to build muscle, but we forget that we also need strength to do our daily activities without getting tired.As many of us are seated for long duration, we are prone to posture and spine problems. Also, as we age we start losing muscle strength, we start losing muscle in the early 20’s and can lose up to 40% by the age of 60.

The more muscle, the more calories we burn at rest. Upper body comprises of hands, forearms, upper arm and shoulder. Building Upper body muscle enables you to perform multiple tasks and also helps in retaining muscles as we age. When we injure our lower extremities and have to use crutches, our upper body strength will help us to be mobile.

Most of the jobs today are desk jobs and many are suffering from lower back and spine problems due to improper posture. We hunch over our computers and phones for hours together without even realising and ultimately suffer from posture problems such as hunchback, rounded shoulders, forward head. These problems not only affect health but induce aesthetic appeal as well. It is very important for runners to have a proper posture and strong upper body because drooped shoulders will slow down the pace of running and weak upper body can lead to injuries.

To strengthen your upper body start with simple exercises such as neck rotation, shoulder rotation and later on move to high intensity exercises such as HIIT upper body workout, these exercises can be done at home.


Warm up – Warm up is very important for outsetting exercise, just like how you warm up your car in cold weather, it’s important to warm up your body as well, before you do exercises. Here are the list of warm up exercises.

Spot Jogging

Side Jacks


Leg Extensions

Butt Kicks

Wind Mill

Let’s check out some exercises for the most important part of Upper Body – Shoulders.

Overhead Press: Stand Straight with dumbbells in your hands, palms facing inwards. Lift your elbows up taking your hands to chest level. Lift your elbows up landing in goal post position. Now, lift the hands up and repeat the exercise

Cross Curl:  Bend your knees a little and bend forward at your hips. Hold dumbbells in both your hands and dangle them down in front of you. Cross your arms and lift your elbows to a 90 degree angle and you can experience your shoulders squeezing. Repeat the exercise

Pushup: Get into plank position with hands straight under your shoulders, wider than shoulder-width apart. Get your toes on the floor and keep your spine straight. Now get down to the floor till chest almost touches to the floor and repeat the exercise.

These are few HIIT exercises, for more exercises on HIIT upper body workout, please do watch the following video.

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