Avoid excessive intake of these 9 foods that causes stroke

Hello ladies and gentle men, welcome to the health segment of; in this post today, i want to share with you foods that causes stroke, and some major signs of stroke attack. A stroke is a sudden disabling attack or loss of consciousness caused by an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain, especially through thrombosis. In other words, A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.

Brain cells begin to die in minutes. A stroke is a medical emergency, and prompt treatment is crucial. There are so many people suffering from this deadly disease as a result of eating a bad diet and some other habits which are at risk. Such as Sleeping consistently, abusing some medications, and family heritage. It is also very vital to cultivate the habit of eating well after a stroke.

The major key point of this post is to enlighten you on some of the things you are probably doing that can trigger stroke and another deadly disease. But before we proceed, it’s good we discuss some possible warning signs of stroke you should never take for granted. For your overall health and fitness, here are foods that help stave off stroke.

Top 5 signs of stroke attack are as follows:

• Sudden onset of weakness or numbness on one side of the body.

• Sudden speech difficulty or confusion.

• Sudden difficulty seeing in one or both eyes.

• Sudden onset of dizziness, trouble walking, or loss of balance.

• Sudden, severe headache with unknown cause.

Please whenever you notice those symptoms in your body system, kindly meet your doctor for proper treatment.

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Excess intake of the following foods triggers stroke attack:

1. Alcohol

Heavy intake or excessive amounts of alcohol can trigger atrial fibrillation – a type of irregular heartbeat. Atrial fibrillation increases your risk of stroke by five times because it can cause blood clots to form in the heart.

If these clots move up into the brain, it can lead to stroke. People who average more than two drinks a day have a 34 percent higher risk than those whose daily average amounts to less than half a drink.

2. Foods that causes stroke: Sugar

This is because having too much sugar in your blood damages the blood vessels. It can make the blood vessels stiff, and can also cause a build-up of fatty deposits. These changes can lead to a blood clot, which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke.

3. Red Meats

Eating processed meat and other red meats high in saturated fat could lead to a stroke. An elderly person who eats red meat is more likely to have an ischemic stroke because saturated fat in blood vessels that supply blood to the brain causes blockages. Frequently consuming red meat appears to increase the risk of stroke significantly, while choosing to eat poultry and other proteins, such as fish or nuts, lowers your risk.

4. Salt

Although salt makes our food sweet, once you start consuming too much of its daily you are indirectly calling stroke disease upon yourself. Importantly, the risk of CVD increases throughout the range of blood pressure, starting at 115/75 mmHg.

Salt is the major factor that increases blood pressure and is therefore responsible for many strokes and heart attacks every year. And you can Reduce your Cholesterol by Avoiding these Eating Habits.

5. Foods that causes stroke: Smoking

When you inhale cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide and nicotine enter your bloodstream. Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood, and nicotine makes your heart beat faster and raises your blood pressure. This increases your risk of a stroke.

Please this article will help you to know what you should reduce your intake of to live long. You can share this great article with the large society thanks.

6. Cakes and Donuts

Sweet treats are popular among all age groups because the sugar in these products can be highly addictive. However, pies, cakes, cookies, and donuts are high in trans fats, which raise LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol).

When this happens, your parent’s risk of stroke and heart disease increases. Your loved one can reduce these odds by limiting the amount of trans fats he or she consumes to no more than two grams per day. He or she should also eat foods high in low-density lipoproteins, such as fruits.

If your loved one needs help planning and preparing healthy meals, a professional caregiver can be a great source of support. In Barrie, senior home care providers can benefit aging adults in a variety of ways. From cooking nutritious meals to offering timely medication reminders, the dedicated caregivers at Home Care Assistance are available to help your elderly loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7. Canned Soups

Processed foods such as canned soup contain too much salt. The extra sodium causes the body to produce and store more water, which leads to high blood pressure and heart disease and increases the odds of a stroke.

If your loved one likes this type of food, he or she could purchase low-sodium options or make homemade soup and use healthy ingredients that decrease the odds of cardiovascular problems.

8. Potato Chips

These snacks are popular among aging adults because they’re accessible and tasty. However, eating potato chips increases the odds of a stroke in the senior years because they are not rich foods. The unhealthy snack contributes to weight gain and leads to blocked arteries.

When blood and oxygen are unable to flow freely throughout the body, a brain attack, also known as a stroke, can occur. Therefore, your parent should look for healthy snack alternatives, such as fruits, kale chips, and veggies with low-fat dipping sauce.

9. Foods that causes stroke: Soda

In addition to eating nutritious foods, seniors should drink healthy beverages that keep them hydrated and protect their bodies against heart disease.To maintain a healthy heart, here are Top 9 tested best foods for your heart

For example, instead of consuming sodas and sugary drinks, your loved one should choose water, green teas, low-fat dairy products, smoothies, and natural juices. These items could lower the risk of dehydration, obesity, and stroke.


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