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Erica finally accepted she disappoint Laycon for choosing Kiddwaya as deputy

Erica finally accepted she disappoint Laycon for choosing Kiddwaya as deputy

BBNAIJA housemate Erica accepted that he disappoint Laycon for choosing Kiddwaya as her deputy head of house.

Remember that last night Erica won the Head of House challenge and chose her love interest – Kiddwaya as her deputy instead of Laycon.

Erica, who has admitted she is mentally attracted to Laycon and physically attracted to Kiddwaya, brought tension to the show yesterday as viewers and housemates became uncertain about who she would likely choose between both men in her life.

Erica has now told Kiddwaya that she feels she betrayed Laycon because she had promised to pick him as her deputy if she wins the title.

According to her, she found herself in a dilemma as Kiddwaya to her is that bad and exciting guy while Laycon is that nice and good guy.

Erica stated that she knows Laycon got her back but is unsure about Kiddwaya.

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Reacting to the situation, Kiddwaya advised Erica to tell Laycon what he wants to hear so the dynamics of the house won’t be affected.

Addressing the part which Erica said she doesn’t know if Kiddwaya got her back, he said…. “I know what we have. I know you like me and I like you and we’re having good times.

“He (Laycon) is emotional, the type of person that’ll get very upset, might get jealous, resentful, and that will affect the group. Just tell him what he wants to hear.”

Kiddwaya added that he has her back and is not close to her just for the game.

He also promised to have her back in and outside the show.

“What makes you think I don’t have your back? I’m not playing a game here. I can’t imagine myself not caring about you, whether we have a relationship or not. You’re always gonna be in my life,” he spoke further.

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