Emmanuella builds a house for mother

It is no longer rumor that child actress, Emmanuella builds a house for mother, in this post, you will hear from her mouth how the whole thing began.

My name is Emmanuella, I am an actress.

Come let me show you the house I built for my mother.

I decide to build this house for my parents because I wanted to buy my father another car, but uncle Mark reminded me that I promised my mother a house; he advised me not to buy a car but to save the money and build a house instead.

So, I contacted me manager to help me split my income into four (4) different parts, one part goes to orphanage, another part for building my parents, one part for my family upkeep, and the last part as my savings.

Her full name is Emmanuella Samuel, she was born July 22, 2010 that makes her 10 years old.

She hails from from Imo state, south east part of Nigeria.

In the year 2016, she collect award as the best new comedienne and princess of comedy in Afro-Australia Music and Movie Awards held in Australia.

In that same year 2016, she won another award as the top Subscribed Creator from YouTube in the first edition of the Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards.

Emmanuella Samuel is a child comedienne in Mark Angel YouTube channel that has well over six million subscribers.

She became popular with her comedy skit “This Is Not My Real Face Oh”.

Listen to Emanuella Herself in the Video below:

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