Ecommerce & Online Marketing: Let Industry Expert Sean Raymond Explain How to Scale to 7-Figures Online

I used to believe that eCommerce & online marketing were the realm of fully-grown adults. But, this was before I met Sean Raymond. I was blown away as he introduced me to his mind-blowing world of imagination, expertise, and eCommerce prowess. At age seventeen, Sean has already built a stellar marketing service through his business Goodlife Agency, utilizing an amazing combination of expertise, creativity, and confidence that are characteristics of more renowned, consummate entrepreneurs. 

Sean sat down with us to explain some key principles of his e-commerce marketing strategy, and how vital it is to make use of the best available options in today’s ever-expanding market.

Sean’s First Advice: Dedication is Key

Sean Raymond understands how to turn discouraging situations to his advantage. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, most people were caught off guard. Some made things worse for themselves by succumbing to bad habits, reducing their productivity and drive. Even in the face of a looming tragedy, Sean reacted differently. He made good use of every spare moment the quarantine provided, turning his dream into reality—the dream of becoming a successful business expert who helps his customers build 7-figure enterprises. 

Ever since Sean’s life-changing breakthrough into business, he has become a successful, first-rate entrepreneur in the fields of eCommerce & online marketing. Even at such a young age, he has turned himself into a professional, having already scaled three online businesses to multiple 7-figures. That being said, he doesn’t want to stop there.

So, as Sean does, he’s set himself a lofty goal: to help 10 more businesses get there by the end of 2021. A tall order for sure, but that’s just Sean doing his thing. In 2022 and beyond, it could very well be 50 or more! Nonetheless, with his success rate so far, we have no doubt he can make it happen.

Today, Sean is the founder and CEO of Goodlife Agency– a digital marketing service with an impressive history of providing 6-7 figure businesses with highly profitable marketing, effectively taking them into the upper echelon of multiple 7-figure market dominance. 

Sean, an entrepreneur who is dedicated to taking action, constantly learning, and tenaciously chasing after his dreams, adds, “No amount of thinking or planning will ever outperform an action. Start… and once you start, don’t stop. You only fail when you stop trying.” 

Sean’s Second Advice: Build Multiple Revenue Streams

How many sources of income could a business have in the 1950s? One, in-person sales. Possibly two, if the business used mail-order catalogs. Today, through the magic of the digital landscape, businesses now have access to almost a hundred new ways to drive sales.

Sean put it perfectly: “It is always best to multiply revenue streams. Every 7-Figure brand has sales coming in from more than one stream. These oftentimes include organic sales, paid ads, SMS & e-mail, influencer marketing, social media, and more. Before the internet, you could only sell your products in a limited number of ways. Now, with the internet, every online business can take advantage of the opportunities given to increase sales.” 

That being said, there are a select few of these revenue streams that compare to none other, and sitting atop this list: Facebook Marketing.

Sean doesn’t just work with any old marketing platforms, he says that Facebook has the most effective optimization algorithm, and most advanced targeting of any ad platform out there “Paid ads are without a doubt the single best possible way to scale a brand doing six-figures per year, to six-figures per month. Bottom line, if you’re not using ads to scale your eCommerce business, you’re doing it wrong”.

When it comes to helping his clients reach multiple 7-figures, Sean Raymond has continually proved his abilities as one of the industry’s finest eCommerce growth experts. He’s found his place in the sun. Now, he wants to dedicate his business to helping more brands achieve a similar result with his business Goodlife Agency.

Start your route with the company by scheduling a free Discovery Call to see how Goodlife Agency can be of value to your business.

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