Dusky beauty Nianah is utilizing social media

Dusky beauty, Ni’anah, is smartly utilizing social media to meet her entrepreneurial goals. Young women are not just dominating the world with their beauty but also marking a special place in the business world. Ni’anah, a Miami-born 22-year-old dusky beauty, is running her online boutique, Ape District.

Ni’anah, a fashion designer, is seriously pursuing her entrepreneurial journey by utilizing the power of social media. Ni’anah is a public figure who is seeing a hike in her popularity on social media.

Ni’anah consistently posts on Instagram about her real life and she teaches everyone to live their life to the fullest. Through her online boutique, Ape District, the growing fashion designer sells all types of stylish items, namely sportswear, workout gear, and accessories, etc.

Ni’anah is active in the fashion designing business for around 10 years. Born on 5 February 1999, the 22-year-old talented beauty fulfills her entrepreneurial goals in a dedicated manner.

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Moreover, she is truly an inspiration for women who want to accomplish something big in their lives. Ni’anah is 5 feet 10 inches with body measurements of 32-24-27 inches. She has light & dark brown hair with a bodyweight of 155 lbs.

Ni’anah has a net worth of $1.5 million till 2020 and it includes her assets, money, and income. She is progressing as a fashion designer and social media sensation. Despite accumulating a good fortune, she is leading a modest lifestyle.

Her passion for fashion designing and a strong will to shine in the entrepreneurial world make her growing steadily. She has a luxurious life full of freedom. Ni’anah is a smart woman who utilizes social media to splendidly grow her entrepreneurial career.


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