Division, challenges await new speaker Jason Wentworth. But he’s not stressed about

LANSING – Jason Wentworth might be the only person in the world right now who isn’t stressed.  

Stress, at least work stress, is for other people, not the newly elected speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives. 

The Farwell Republican says he feels the weight and responsibility of his new role, leading the lower chamber of a divided government within a politically fractured state and nation. 

But stress? Crafting legislation and squabbling over politics during the last four years in Lansing do not compare to what he felt as an 18-year-old enlisting in the U.S. Army.

“I was coming into the military to be a police officer because you can’t be a cop until you’re 21 in Michigan, so I figured I would join the Army, get my experience, become a cop in the Army, get out of the service and be a police officer somewhere in the states,” said Wentworth, 38, sitting in the speaker’s office at the Michigan State Capitol. 

“And then 9/11 happened and that switched everything.” 

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