Dating Plus Size Women: Considering 11 Proven Juicy Benefits


It is a common knowledge that so many men opts for slim ladies when it comes to dating due to the image the media paints all the time, but men who engage in dating plus size women are saying, you’re missing out on something big and here are the juicy benefits you get when you date plus size women.

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There are a number of benefits or advantages of dating a big beautiful woman; it’s no wonder a majority of men nowadays prefer dating one of them instead of the slim ladies. The following are the benefits you’ll receive when you date a chubby woman. Also Read: how to make your husband love you madly.

In this post, I will share with you top 11 benefits you enjoy when you date a plus size lady:

1. They are Easy to Talk To

Would you like to hay a spouse who’s understanding and ready to give you an ear whenever you need someone to talk to? If your answer was YES, then grab the opportunity to date a plus-size woman.

2. They are Charming Women

Do you want to have a woman who not only accepts complements but also pays them? If so then having a relationship with a voluptuous woman is probably worth going for. Read also How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Dating Plus Size Women

3. They have a Pleasing Personality

You won’t be complaining much if you date a chubby woman. They have a personality that’s quite friendly and down to earth. She will practically be a lover and a best friend all at once. See 10 Issues To Work Through With Your Partner Before Getting Married

4. They are Affectionate

Are you in need of a woman to shower you with some love and care? Date a plump woman. Their love is unconditional. When it’s time to love, it really is time to love.

5. You can take Her Anywhere

The best thing about dating these big girls is that you can take them anywhere with you want on a date. It doesn’t matter whether its a fancy place or just a simple place. She will go practically anywhere with you.

6. They are Excellent Cooks

Not only do these girls love food, but they also know how to cook. If you want a woman who has perfect culinary skills, then a big girl is definitely the lady you should date.

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7. Great Family Builders

Would you like to have a home that has an epitome of the word family in it? Then date a big girl. They are surely great home and family builders.

8. They are Very Smart and Share their own views

Are you a man who wants a lady that can challenge your wits? These women should definitely be a go-for for you. They are smart, witty, and.pretty much knowledgeable. Furthermore, they are not afraid to give out their own views and opinions about something.

9. She won’t flirt around

Guys who date slim women often have to fend off guys trying to steal them away. This is something you’ll rarely experience when dating a fat girl since most guys prefer hitting on women who have a body that’s similar to a figure usually reserved for models. As a result, you can go anywhere without fear of having your girl being stolen from you.

10. Opinionated

If you enjoy having a good conversation, you won’t get bored with dating a fat girl. Since most of them are very opinionated,they won’t be shy about expressing their thoughts on a particular subject making your conversation exciting and unpredictable.

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11. Enjoys a good laugh

Fat girls are not shy or afraid to laugh. Since they’re not overly concerned about their appearance,they’re not worried about what they look like when they laugh out loud which makes them more fun to be around with. If you’re the type who enjoys injecting humour in a relationship,you can’t go wrong with telling a fat girl your list of jokes and silly quips.

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