10 Risks of mobile phones that could put your life at risk

Hello guys, welcome to my blog; today I want to share with you the dangers of mobile phones, i have listed 10 proven ways your phone could put you into danger or kill you. The mobile phone was made to make life convenient, but wrong use of it could spell danger or even death.

Through technological advancements, we have different kind of devices in the world which can be both useful and destructive or only destructive devices.

The mobile phone is an example of a device that is deemed to be a safe device but it is not too safe as people assume it. Remember that everything that has advantage must have disadvantages. Don’t miss reading Secret Android Codes and Hacks 2022

Today, I bring you 10 dangers of mobile phones, and distinct ways you could be killed by the use of your phone if not careful. Note that this article was brought to enlighten and educate you to be safe not to frighten you. Your phone won’t kill you just like that unless you do something that would make your phone pose as a dangerous device.

Below are 10 dangers of mobile phones:

1. Your phones could lead to accident if you use them while driving

This has caused a lot of accidents but some people still choose to ignore it while some are ignorant. You can answer calls but be sure to use Bluetooth headphones to make you concentrate on your driving but for safety, never use your phone while driving especially going to social media. It could take your attention away from driving and lead to accident.

2. Dangers of mobile phones: over heat and burn you

Don’t ever sleep with your phones on your body especially when charging. In many several cases, innocent folks have died due to this. Do not even plug your phones near you when sleeping, it could cause electric shock or burn the cloth material around this, causing fire outbreak.

3. Dangers of mobile phones: shock you to death

This happens to people who go in to bath tubs with their phones especially when plugged. As we all know, water and electricity are not friends and also dangerous to man when combined.

4. The battery could overheat and explode

This happens when the phone is overheating especially when charging. If an individual survives this, he or she will be severely injured. Read also: Simple steps for tracking and recovering your stolen phone.

5. Dangers of mobile phones: Could cause death while taking selfies

People fancy high places like skyscrapers and so want to climb and take pictures. They can fall in the process and get killed.

6. Your phones could also serve as a good tracking device

If any killer wants to attack you, your phones could be a nice medium for tracking your location. This might look strange but it is just a fact.

7. Your phones can also serve as a good distraction agent.

It could distract you when cooking, walking, and driving, etc and then cause accident. While walking, you might lose concentration and you could be hit by a moving vehicle.

Apart from the above mentioned ways, we must admit that our phones have gotten the better of us. Many people are now phone slaves and people need to know that it is dangerous.

Many of us can’t do without our phones, we should all be careful with the way we handle our phones to avoid any unnecessary accident.

Research has also found that heavy and regular mobile phone use may harm your health.

8. Dangers of mobile phones: Sleep Disorders

When talking about cell phones and health, we cannot ignore their influence on sleep. Some people get used to set the alarm and put a cell phone somewhere not far from the head or even under their pillow. In fact, it’s a bad idea.

9. Dangers of mobile phones: Blurred Vision

When texting someone or reading an article on the Internet, we have to stare at a small-sized screen of our cell phone. That can put a lot of strain on our eyes. They can dry out and hurt when blinking. Eventually, this may result in visual deterioration.
To maintain clear sight, keep your device at least 16 inches away from your face. Read extensive articles on your PC or a laptop screen only. If you currently suffer from eye discomfort, make the font size bigger on your cell phone. And don’t forget to consult an eye specialist if needed.

10. Dangers of mobile phones: Brain Cancer Risk

Can cell phones cause cancer? In fact, there are grounds to believe it really is so. The reason for that is radio-frequency of electromagnetic fields given off by mobile devices. They have an adverse effect on our body and can trigger the development of brain cancer in the future.

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According to the research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, excessive use of mobile phones may lead to the formation of such brain tumours as glioma and acoustic neuroma. First and foremost, this is an issue for those people who are virtually glued to their cell phones.


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