C’River Commissioner performs the duty of ‘Chief Bridesmaid’ on PA’s wedding

Dr (Mrs) Inyang Asibong, Honourable Commissioner for International Development Corporations in Cross River State has wowed Cross Riverians and Nigerians after photos of her playing the role of a Chief Bridesmaid to her Personal Assistant(PA), Miss Nora Mkpanam now Mrs Nora Joseph Bassey, flooded the social media.

In the wedding that occurred on Sunday, June 6, 2021, in Calabar, Asibong was rather playing the role of a servant instead – as she walked behind Nora down the aisle.

Just as the Chief Bridesmaid does, Asibong didn’t fail in her duty of fanning, mopping the face, tying the shoes of Nora and all of that – ensuring her PA enjoys the memorable day of her life.

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Asibong’s gesture towards Nora has drawn commendations and applauses from Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike with many calling her “a rare gem”.

“Dr Inyang Asibong the servant leader…the uncommon love and humility exuded by the Honourable Commissioner shows that humility and service aren’t new in her character” – Royal said.

“Tell me why God will stop blessing her, she’s truly a leader with excellent leadership qualities, she possesses rare and undefined humility, very accessible and above all a philanthropist. God Bless you immediately ma” – Hon. Gideon Mbukpa.

Dr (Mrs) Inyang Asibong

“Wow! How good it is to have such a boss, who is not just your boss, but a darling sister and friend. This is a family affair. Congratulations Dr Inyang Asibong for giving away (that’s what I see) the bride. So loving you all. So loving your humility. Beautiful bride and lovely Chief bride’s maid”. – Eme Offiong said.

“It would be nearly impossible to see a Nigerian leader who treats not his aides as drudges or least slaves; thanks to the margins of nearly, which provides yet a possibility for the crop of leaders who differ from this point of view, though only exist in the minority. The Hon. Commissioner for International Development Corporation and Donor Support, Dr Inyang Asibong, prevails as one amongst the few.

“A leader who has her people’s ears, empathetic of their plight, see them more as friends than subordinates, understand the true meaning of leadership, which is servantship as opposed to the generally shared view of conquerors, dictators, authoritarians or rulership.

“We are very cognizance of your antecedents mum, your rare virtues have been enjoyed by many who perpetually remain thankful. Today is Mrs Nora Joseph Bassey, tomorrow the pendulum swings to another as you continue serving your people in earnest. God Bless You For Being Different”, Victor Anjeh Bassey said.

It was learned that Nora has been Asibong’s PA since 2015 when she was the State’s Commissioner for Health.

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