Credit cards to prioritize –

As you lay the groundwork for 2021 financial resolutions, take inventory of your credit cards to see if they’re still in line with your goals and priorities.

With the pandemic upending spending patterns, possibly for the foreseeable future, an audit of the benefits and costs of your cards can reveal which ones are getting the job done and saving you money, which ones are a drag on your finances — and what features you might want to look for in a new card. Here are some credit card features to prioritize.


An annual fee is worth paying on a credit card only if the rewards and perks more than offset the cost. For Sahirenys Pierce, a California-based content creator at the Poised lifestyle blog, the benefits far outweigh her cash-back credit card’s $95 annual fee. “We had an extra $500 for our Christmas gifts” last year thanks to the cash back she earned, she said.

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